29 Jan 2020

The VA’s First Chief Innovation Officer Aims to Speed Up the Delivery of Cost-Saving Services

The Innovation Center run by the Veteran Affairs Department was established just over a decade ago but is currently undergoing a transformation to include a chief innovation officer. The role will be filled by Michael Akinyele, a current first-time federal employee who currently serves as the center’s principal lead. Akinyele

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25 Sep 2019

Iranian Government Hackers Target US Veterans

A state-backed hacking group that was recently spotted going after IT providers in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East, has launched a new campaign targeting United States veterans using a fake employment website called “Hire Military Heroes.” New research by Cisco shows that the hacking group, known

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07 Dec 2018

Foreign Trolls Are Targeting Veterans on Facebook

“Last year, an Oxford study revealed that military veterans are ripe targets for exploitation by foreign powers seeking to undermine American democracy. The report concluded that veterans are more likely than the average person to be community leaders and that their political opinions have significant influence on those around them.

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