24 Aug 2022

America’s Frontier Fund and the Quad Investor Network

In July, Cyberscoop.com reported on the launch of America’s Frontier Fund (AFF), which is an extraordinary public/private partnership and non-profit organization dedicated to America’s Great Power competitive advantage through global technology leadership in what some call “deep tech” or “frontier tech.” The initial Cyberscoop coverage suggested that the fund was dedicated to cybersecurity, but upon further research and analysis, the fund is designed for a much broader portfolio of technology investments.  By all accounts, the AFF is serious business and a refreshing private sector commitment at scale –  with tech industry heavyweights putting financial resources on the table along with the unique expertise of equally as impressive a roster of government policy experts.

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25 Jul 2022

Deep Tech, the “Valley of Death” and Innovative Technologies for the Warfighter

National Defense Magazine contextualizes the “Valley of Death” in the following manner:  “The defense technology community spends a lot of time grumbling about the “Valley of Death,” a term referring to the place where innovative technologies funded by the Defense Department fail to make it into warfighters’ hands because they can’t make the transition from prototype to a real product.” According to the DoD, the recently announced pilot program to Accelerate the Procurement and Fielding of Innovative Technologies (APFIT) is “an additional tool the DoD can use to propel innovative capabilities across the “Valley of Death” and into the hands of the warfighter.”

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