18 Sep 2020

Developing Countries Push to Limit Patent Protections for Covid-19 Vaccines

A group of developing countries is currently pushing to limit patent protections for COVID-19 vaccines. The countries are seeking an inexpensive copy of the vaccine to be produced for administration in poorer nations. The group consists of Ghana, Pakistan, Senegal, South Africa, and others and is backed by United Nations

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15 Sep 2020

In Global Covid-19 Vaccine Race, Chinese Shot Receives First Foreign Approval

As the international race for a Covid-19 vaccine heats up, nationalism across the globe has been on the rise. Rather than cooperating through international channels to develop a readily available and effective vaccine, most countries are instead focusing on providing access to their population. Accompanying this race to develop a

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19 Aug 2020

Australia secures deal for potential Covid-19 vaccine, will provide it free to all citizens

Australi and drugmaker AstraZeneca has entered a deal in which Australi will provide a COVID-19 vaccine free to its entire population should the developing vaccine clear all necessary trials. AstraZeneca is currently working on the vaccine in partnership with Oxford University and has recently entered into the advanced trial period,

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11 Aug 2020

Russia Registers World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine Despite Safety Concerns

Russia has registered the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine despite concerns that the medication flew through trial periods and may not be safe to administer. President Vladimir Putin announced the vaccine registration, which marks a huge milestone in the fight against the infectious disease that created a global pandemic. Western countries

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29 Jul 2020

Russia claims it’s on track to approve Covid-19 vaccine by mid-August. But speed of process raises questions

According to Russian officials, the country’s scientists are working towards getting a COVID-19 vaccine approved by August 10, less than two weeks away. However, the short timeline has raised significant concerns over safety, effectiveness, and shortcuts taken by the health department in its development. The vaccine was created by the

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28 Jul 2020

DOD, HHS Preparing for Large-Scale Manufacturing of COVID-19 Treatments

The Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services have been using another transaction authority contract to ensure that COVID-19 treatments will be able to move throughout stages from prototype to large-scale manufacturing. The two entities have developed a program to make sure such capabilities are feasible

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24 Jul 2020

China offers $1 billion loan to Latin America and the Caribbean for access to its Covid-19 vaccine

On Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that China will loan $1 billion to Latin America and the Caribbean for COVID-19 vaccine access. The Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry published the information in a statement following a virtual gathering between the leaders of the region. Wang Yi stated that the

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22 Jul 2020

U.S. charges two Chinese nationals in coronavirus vaccine hacking scheme, other crimes

Two Chinese nationals have been accused of stealing trade secrets from the US on behalf of the Chinese government. Recently, the Department of Justice filed an 11 count indictment against Li Xiaoyu and Dong Jiazhi for several crimes, including hacking into computer systems of organizations developing a COVID-19 vaccine, stealing

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18 Jun 2020

Race for virus vaccine could leave some countries behind

As wealthy countries are racing to find a COVID-19 vaccine, some are placing advance orders for the inevitably limited supply to guarantee vaccines for their citizens, leaving controversy over whether developing countries will have access to the medicine in time. The United Nations, National Red Cross, and Red Crescent stated

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