11 Jun 2021

China has created a dystopian hellscape in Xinjiang, Amnesty report says

Human rights organization Amnesty International is speaking out about the crisis in China again, this time stating that China is committing crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, the northwestern region home to Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities. Amnesty published a report on Thursday that calls on the UN to investigate the

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13 May 2021

Uyghur imams targeted in China’s Xinjiang crackdown

New research compiled by the Uyghur Human Rights Project revealed China has imprisoned or detained at least 630 imams and other Muslim reliigous figures since 2014. China would detain the clerics facing broad charges of “propagating extremism, gathering a crowd to disturb social order and inciting separatism” in the crackdown

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23 Mar 2021

U.S. and Its Allies Sanction China Over Treatment of Uyghurs in a Collective Action

The US, Canada, and their European allies have levied sanctions against Chinese officials in collective action in response to China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims and significant human rights violations. The coordinated blacklisting is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to forge coalitions against Beijing for several different conflicts. The European

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21 Sep 2020

Xinjiang government confirms huge birth rate drop but denies forced sterilization of women

Chinese officials have recently confirmed that there has been a birth rate drop in Xinjiang following allegations that the government was forcing Uyghur Muslim women within the region to take birth control or undergo sterilization procedures. The birth rate dropped by almost a third in 2018 when compared to the

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