31 Aug 2021

Taliban declare victory from Kabul airport tarmac after US withdrawal

On Tuesday, Taliban leaders declared victory over the United States just hours after the last military force left Afghanistan. The declaration occurred on the tarmac of Kabul airport, which up until yesterday remained under US control. The airport has been the epicenter of a frenzy of evacuation missions conducted by

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26 Aug 2021

CIA, U.S. Troops Conduct Missions Outside Kabul Airport to Extract Americans, Afghan Allies

According to new reports, the Central Intelligence Agency and the US military are conducting extraction operations to evacuate Americans outside of the Kabul airport with just days remaining before the August 31 operation deadline. US forces are using ground troops and helicopters to conduct the missions. The clandestine operations to

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27 Apr 2021

Space Command to Launch Dedicated Cyber Center

The US is planning to launch a dedicated joint cyber center to promote collaboration between the US Space Command and US Cyber Command, according to a statement made at last week’s budget hearing by the commander of the US Cyber Command. According to the commander, General James Dickinson, forming the

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01 Apr 2021

Biden Trimming Forces Sent to Mideast to Help Saudi Arabia

President Biden has directed the Pentagon to begin removing some military forces from the Gulf region of the Middle East, marking the first steps in an effort to steer the US global military footprint away from the Mideast. The changes come as Saudi Arabia continues to endure rocket and drone

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03 Mar 2021

Medal of Honor Holders’ Identities Stolen

According to a Secret Service search warrant application, identifies of a third of the living Medal of Honor holders have had their information stolen in a cyberattack. A threat actor was able to steal the personal information of the US Congressional Medal of Honor holders, later using this data to

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24 Nov 2020

How Two U.S. Military Bases Are Exploring 5G’s Potential

The US Military and government has been exploring the potentials of 5G and has begun implementing new 5G solutions at some of its locations, including a Joint Base in San Antonio. The Defense Department has promised to produce test sites for strategic 5G experimentation. This program will span more than

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16 Nov 2020

Five U.S. Troops Killed in Helicopter Crash Near Egypt

On Thursday, five US service members died after their helicopter, a UH-60 Black Hawk, crashed off the Egyptian coast. The servicemen were on a peacekeeping mission in the Sinai peninsula at the time of the crash, according to the Multinational Force and Observers organizations. A French and Czech service member

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24 Sep 2020

The Military’s Latest Wearables Can Detect Illness Two Days Before You Get Sick

Some US military personnel are now sporting a watch and ring kit that will alert them and their command if they are showing early signs of illness, catching the disease before symptoms are apparent. This is a new system developed by the Defense Innovation Unit in collaboration with Phillips Healthcare

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10 Sep 2020

U.S. to Cut Its Force in Iraq to About 3,000 Troops, Commander Says

On Wednesday, roughly 2,200 troops will reportedly be pulled from Afganistan, lowering the total number of troops within the country to roughly 3,000. The move is part of a broader campaign to reduce the US military footprint in contentious countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan prior to the US elections

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31 Aug 2020

Algorithms Help Spot Possible Suicidal Intent Among Veterans’ Social Posts

A new social media platform that is designed to connect both active and retired US Military members has now been outfitted with a new custom machine learning model that can allegedly predict signs of potential self-harm or suicidal intent. The algorithm assesses posts made on the platform and identifies those

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