27 Feb 2020

U.S. Forces Return to Saudi Arabia to Deter Attacks by Iran

2,500 US military personnel have been relocated to Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, nearly 17 years after the US troops largely evacuated the kingdom. After maintaining a small footprint in Saudi Arabia over the past decade and a half, the return of US troops to the country reflects

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20 Feb 2020

Pentagon to Adopt Detailed Principles for Using AI

The Defense Department released a draft of rules that govern how the government develops and uses artificial intelligence in October titled Recommendations on the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence. Sources have indicated that the official policy, which is set to be released soon, will follow the draft closely. The Department

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17 Feb 2020

Marine Corps Looks to Virtual Reality as a Recruitment Tool

The Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) has filed a request for information this week, aiming to create a “highly-portable virtual reality simulator” to assist the agency in the recruitment of officer candidates across the United States. The agency stated that it acknowledges current students’ immersion in technology and believes that

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06 Feb 2020

Why the Iranian cyberthreat has become ‘more dynamic’

A top military leader stated that since the US drone strike on Iran that killed Major General Qassem Soleimani in January, the cyber threat coming from Iran has been more dynamic. Gregg Kendrick, executive director of the Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command stated that the Iranian regime is likely planning

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22 Jan 2020

US Military Claimed ‘Success’ in Hacking ISIS: Documents

The US military released heavily redacted and previously top-secret documents that claimed the US Cyber Command successfully hacked ISIS, disrupting online propaganda efforts. The operation dates back to at least 2016, according to the security documents released Tuesday. The US military claimed that it had limited ISIS’s online efforts on

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03 Jan 2020

TikTok Banned By U.S. Army Over China Security Concerns

Amid worries over the security threat, the popular app TikTok poses to the United States, the US has banned US Army officials from using the app. TikTok is currently under scrutiny for its close relationship with the Chinese government, and backlash has caused the US government to reconsider its employees’

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17 Dec 2019

Argonne’s Advanced X-Rays Are Beaming the Way to Smarter Helmets

A collaboration between researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory, the Army Research Laboratory and Northwestern University are developing next level military helmets by collecting and deciphering data from x-ray analyses of human skulls. The project leader, physicist Jonathan Almer, stated that the helmet would lead to a decrease in fatal

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05 Dec 2019

Pentagon Unveils Which Bases Will House Large-Scale 5G Experiments

The Pentagon has released information that the Hill Air Force Base in Utah and the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Georgia will house 5G experiments. In Utah, the focus lies in 5G dynamic spectrum sharing, aiming to protect US activity across the domain. In Georgia, projects will focus on smart

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08 Nov 2019

Charges: Chinese Surveillance Goods Illegally Sold to US

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) accuses US company Aventura Technologies of lying about the origin of millions of dollars in Chinese surveillance and other security equipment sold by the firm to the US military and other organizations. Prosecutors claim that the equipment that was sold “as purportedly US-made has

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20 May 2019

U.S. warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions

In the midst of escalating trade tensions between the US and China, the US military on Sunday stated that the US destroyer Preble sailed “within 12 nautical miles of Scarborough Reef,” a disputed territory in the South China sea claimed by China, Taiwan and the Philippines. The US army said

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