01 Apr 2021

Microsoft Wins $22 Billion Deal Making Headsets for US Army

Microsoft has been awarded a $22 billion contract to work with the US Army to supply combat troops with augmented reality headsets. Microsoft and the Army both announced the deal yesterday. The tech, which is based on Microsoft’s HoloLens headsets, was originally designed for the video game and entertainment industries.

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19 Aug 2020

U.S. Army Report Describes North Korea’s Cyber Warfare Capabilities

A new report published by the US Army details North Korea’s cyber warfare capabilities, which currently pose a significant threat to US national security. The report is over three pages, and highlights electronic intelligence warfare. This tactic is allegedly commonly used by North Korea to collect information on its enemies.

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23 Apr 2020

Perspecta Labs Wins $14.5m Autonomous Cyber-Defense Contract

Perspecta Labs, which is the research arm of Perspecta Inc., has recently been awarded a significant defensive cyber-contract that is potentially worth $14.5 million. The contract was awarded to the company by the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC), as well as two similar entities. The contract was considered

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19 Mar 2020

Pentagon Seeks Pitches for 5G-Enabled Virtual Reality Projects

The Defense Department revealed that it is collaborating with the National Spectrum Consortium on a project to test applications of 5G wireless technology at several military bases across the US, In December, the agency outlined its goals to publish four separate requests for prototype proposals (RPP) that the consortium’s 300

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17 Jan 2020

U.S. Army Hacked By 52 Hackers In Five Weeks

Between October 9 and November 15 of 2019, the US Army was hacked by a total of 52 individual hackers. The ethical hackers participated in the second “Hack the Army” event. A spokesperson at the US Department of Defense Defense Digital Service stated that the Army is analyzing the hacks

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03 Jan 2020

TikTok Banned By U.S. Army Over China Security Concerns

Amid worries over the security threat, the popular app TikTok poses to the United States, the US has banned US Army officials from using the app. TikTok is currently under scrutiny for its close relationship with the Chinese government, and backlash has caused the US government to reconsider its employees’

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18 Dec 2019

Pentagon Is Searching for Domestic Drone Options

The Defense Department announced plans to focus on domestically created and funded drone systems in 2020, stating that they view the industry as a developing ecosystem. The Defense Department stated that the development of US-manufactured unmanned aerial systems is critical for providing capabilities to the warfighter. The DoD recognized a

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26 Apr 2019

How AI Could Change The Art Of War

At a recent US Army War College conference, defense experts discussed how the use of increasingly complex artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for national defense purposes complicates the nature of command. Because AI can think in ways that humans cannot, which is the whole point of developing it, soldiers, military commanders

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18 Apr 2019

Army Secretary Reveals Weapons Wishlist for War with China & Russia

The US is building new weapons designed for “high-intensity conflict” with China and Russia, US Army officials revealed earlier this week. US Secretary of the Army Mark Esper stated that he intends to invest more in advanced weapons and technologies that would be needed “to penetrate Russian or Chinese air

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13 Mar 2019

Afghan Army Base Is Wiped Out by U.S. Airstrikes, Officials Say

Afghan officials on Wednesday stated that a misunderstanding between Afghan troops and US forces in the country resulted in a firefight followed by US airstrikes that destroyed an Afghan Army base. The confrontation took place at night, after US soldiers took action in response to gunfire at the base, which

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