15 Jun 2020

RAF Lakenheath: US fighter jet crashes into North Sea

According to recent reports, the US Air Force is missing a pilot after a fighter jet crashed into the north sea with only one on board. The plane that crashed was the F-15C Eagle from the 48th Fighter Wing at RAF in Suffolk. The plane was on a training mission

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28 Jan 2020

US says mystery crash in Afghanistan was US Air Force plane

An American military aircraft went down in eastern Afghanistan earlier this week according to the US military. It remains unclear how the plane crashed, as there were no indications that it had been brought down by enemy fire as of today. The investigation to find the cause of the crash

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19 Sep 2019

The Air Force Will Let Hackers Try to Hijack an Orbiting Satellite

The US Air Force wants to let hackers attempt to take over a satellite at next year’s Defcon cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas. This year, the Air Force let infosec experts at the conference have a go at an F-15 fighter-jet data system. Because the hackers exposed several severe vulnerabilities,

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21 Mar 2019

The Air Force wants to start a new $35M offensive cyber program

US Air Force documents show that the army branch aims to launch an offensive cybersecurity program to “deliver operations-ready cyberspace superiority capabilities through the research, development, testing, evaluation, accelerated prototyping, demonstration and fielding of cyber technologies and capabilities.” The $35M program should enable Air Force personnel “to operate in and

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14 Feb 2019

Ex-US Intel Officer Charged with Helping Iran Target Her Former Colleagues

The US government is charging a former US Air Force counterintelligence agent for conspiring with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). According to the official indictment, Monica Elfriede Witt helped four Iranian hackers with the IRGC carry out social engineering attacks that targeted the suspect’s former colleagues in US intelligence. The aim

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26 Jun 2018

US Air Force expanding capabilities in Europe to counter Russia

Nearly half of the requested $828 million in military infrastructure projects in Europe for 2019 will go towards the U.S. Air Force. These funds would more than double the European Deterrence Initiative construction funding as budget reallocations turn around many years of cuts in the post-Cold War era. The expanded

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