09 Sep 2021

Google Android Security Update Patches 40 Vulnerabilities

Earlier this week, Google released its latest Android Security Bulletin, resolving a total of 40 vulnerabilities. The monthly update consisted of patches for seven flaws rated critical in nature. One of the security bugs tracked as CVE-2021-0687 patched this week affects Andriod 8.1, 9, 10, and 11. The most severe

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03 Mar 2021

Linux Mint may start pushing high-priority patches to users

Linux may be implementing a new program designed to push high-priority patches to users after a legacy of relaxed update practices. Linux Mint distribution has historically allowed customers to delay installing new patches, however, this can create a plethora of security risks for the user. The new program would “insist”

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03 Feb 2021

Agent Tesla Upgrades with New Delivery & Evasion Tactics

Agent Tesla, a remote access Trojan, has been upgraded to include new evasion tactics as well as the ability to target more applications for credential theft, updated communication tactics, and new techniques for surpassing endpoint defense. The new version targets Microsoft Anti-Malware Software Interface as a means to bypass endpoint

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25 Sep 2020

Cisco warns over 25 high-impact flaws in its IOS and IOS XE software

Cisco is urging customers to install patches for 25 high severity flaws existing in its previous version of IOS and ISO XE networking gear software. In total, Cisco disclosed and patched 34 flaws, 25 of which were classified as critical. The announcement is part of Cisco’s semi-annual effort to fix

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11 Dec 2019

Here’s what will happen to your Windows 7 PC on January 15, 2020

After January 14, Windows 7 users will get no more security updates to the operating system for free, warns Microsoft. Even though users will be able to continue to run Windows 7 after January, they could potentially face more security problems. Microsoft plans to deliver a new pop up notification

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