22 Sep 2021

UN releases funds to save Afghan health system from collapse

$45 million in emergency funds were released by the United Nations aid chief to prevent Afghanistan’s healthcare system from collapsing. The funds were released from the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund as medical supplies, medications nad fuel are running out in the country.  Afghanistan’s health care delivery system could fall

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13 Sep 2021

Iran Pledges to Cooperate With U.N. Atomic Agency, Easing Nuclear Talks Threat

On Sunday, Iran reached an agreement with the United Nations atomic agency, stating that it will allow international inspectors to access some of the country’s nuclear-related sites. The agreement was likely an effort to avert a crisis in the negotiations that aim to restore the 2015 nuclear deal. International Atomic

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03 Aug 2021

Head of Belarus exiles group found dead in Ukraine

Vitaly Shishov, the head of a group helping people who have fled to Belarus, has been found dead near his home in Ukraine. His body was found hanged in a park in Kyiv, just one day after he failed to return home after leaving to go on a run. Police

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13 Jul 2021

Ethiopia: UN urges ‘swift’ withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray

The United Nations rights council called for an end for the conflict and violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. The Geneva-based Human Rights Council signed off on a resolution earlier urging Eritrean troops to pull out of the area and end the conflict. The resolution demands an immediate halt to the

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12 Jul 2021

Lebanon is days away from a ‘social explosion,’ prime minister warns

According to Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, the country is just days away from a disaster. The country’s economic crisis has deepened, with the local currency losing 90% of its value and 77% of households experiencing food shortages, according to the UN. Mr. Diab made the remarks during a meeting

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04 Jun 2021

UN sounds alarm over threat posed by emboldened Taliban, still closely tied to al Qaeda

A United Nations report released on Wednesday warns of a Taliban that remains close to al Qaeda and poses a severe threat to the government of Afghanistan. The UN Monitoring Team tracks security threats in Afghanistan and showed concerns in the report regarding the removal of the remaining US troops

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11 Jan 2021

Over 100,000 UN Employee Records Accessed by Researchers

Over 100,000 United Nations employee records and credentials were able to be accessed by security researchers in only hours. Sakura Samurai created a team to look for bugs to report to the UN under its vulnq disclosure program. Using the git-dumper tool, an exposed subdomain for UN program the International

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05 Oct 2020

UN Shipping Agency Forced Offline After Cyber-Attack

The United Nations agency for international shipping, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has reportedly been the victim of a cyberattack that forced several of its services online. The organization is tasked with enforcing regulations and ensuring the safety and security of global shipping. Last Wednesday, the IMO released a tweet

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16 Sep 2020

Venezuela: UN investigators accuse authorities of crimes against humanity

The United Nations has formally accused the Venezuelan government of crimes against humanity after an investigation into the country’s administration on behalf of the UN Human Rights Council. According to the investigation, the country has committed egregious violations including cases of killings, torture, and disappearances. President Nicolás Maduro and his

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03 Feb 2020

UN hacked: Attackers got in via SharePoint vulnerability

Last summer the UN’s database was compromised when hackers broke into 40 UN servers in offices located in Geneva and Vienna, obtaining access to sensitive data that could result in serious and far-reaching repercussions for staff and individuals associated with the UN. However, the UN failed to share the implications

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