22 Aug 2018

UK police find ‘sophisticated’ illegal gun factory

UK police have uncovered a “sophisticated,” “large-scale” illegal gun and ammunitions factory in Southern England in a shop posing as a gearbox repair business. Police found the factory when responding to “loud bangs consistent with gunshots” emanating from a warehouse. Over 30 illegal firearms were recovered, along with ammunition, and

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16 Jul 2018

Why an unmanned fighter fleet isn’t yet viable, in the words of Britain’s Air Force chief

UK Air Chief Marshal has explained the lack of unmanned fighter aircraft, stating that, while technology has progressed tremendously in certain areas, it has not filled the gap “in terms of the manned combat air mission operating in contested, high-intensity airspace against demanding threats.” Technology has not yet created a

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10 Jul 2018

UK police hunt nerve agent container after woman dies

“A woman who died after being poisoned with a nerve agent that also struck a former Russian spy in March must have handled a contaminated item, and tracking it down is key to police investigations, Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer said.” Source: UK police hunt nerve agent container after woman dies

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10 Jul 2018

Powders to be banned from hand luggage at UK airports

The UK has announced new restrictions for travelers flying with any kind of powders, whether instant coffee, make-up, or spices, aboard flights. The U.S., Australia, and New Zealand already treat powders in the same way as liquids, but the UK’s position on outright banning or severely limiting powdered substances has

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05 Jul 2018

UK points the finger at Russia after another military-grade nerve agent leaves couple critically ill

A UK couple were taken to the hospital where lab analysis confirmed their exposure to novichok, the military-grade nerve agent that was used to poison former Russian spy Sergei Scribal and his daughter Yulia. The couple lives 8 miles away from the place where the original attack took place 4

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27 Jun 2018

UK military will lose “interoperability” with the US without significantly increasing defense spending

A report released by the parliamentary defense committee argued that, without funding increases of over $10 billion USD per year, the UK will lose its “interoperability with the U.S. military” and capacity “to relieve U.S. burdens.” The UK is one of the only “tier one” militaries in the world, along

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21 Jun 2018

UK releases Brexit residency rules for EU citizens

The UK has released plans for one of the most contentious elements of Brexit, the residency rules for EU citizens. The new system details the options for the over 3 million EU citizens currently residing in the country and promises to make an easy transition to residency under the new

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04 Jun 2018

Britain revising security strategy to counter evolving terror threats

Responding to the reduction in radicalization time, the transition of radicalization to the domain of the internet, and the use of legal tools in attacks, Britain is adjusting its security strategy. This adjustment will revamp its interaction with technology and information sharing, while working to strengthen ties with businesses.  The

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23 Jan 2012

Full alert amid terrorism fears

“Police in Northern Ireland are on full alert amid fears of an escalating terrorist campaign by dissident republicans. A faction opposed to the peace process was blamed for Thursday night’s bombings in and around the centre of Londonderry and even though nobody was hurt, police said the terrorists were prepared

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02 Feb 2011

Contest: The United Kingdom’s Strategy for Countering Terrorism

The UK faces a significant threat from Al Qa’ida, its affiliates, associated groups and terrorists acting on their own – so called lone-wolves. We also face an ongoing and serious threat from Northern Ireland related terrorism. The aim of this new counter-terrorism strategy is to reduce the risk to the

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