23 Jan 2020

Brexit Divorce Deal Clears U.K. Parliament

As of Wednesday evening, the Brexit deal has passed through the UK Parliament. This confirms that the UK will leave the European Union at the end of the month. The deal only requires the signature of the Queen to become British law, after passing through both chambers of the parliamentary

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14 Jan 2020

New Trump Team Warning—Huawei Employs Chinese Spies, Using Its Tech ‘Madness’

The US continues to press the UK to make a decision on whether Huawei will be allowed to operate within the European country as its new 5G networks approach. US security officials have warned the UK that failure to exclude Huawei’s equipment in the implementation of 5G networks would be

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13 Jan 2020

UK requests extradition of former US diplomat’s wife accused in death of British teen

The United Kingdom has delivered an extradition request to the US State Department, asking that Anne Sacoolas be transported to the UK for trial. Sacoolas is the wife of a former US diplomat who has been charged with causing the death of a teenager in England. The teen was riding

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08 Jan 2020

UK Man Jailed for Using RAT to Spy on Women

A UK man named Scott Cowley was sentenced to jail in Liverpool Crown Court earlier this week after pleading guilty to violating the UK Computer Misuse Act and Sexual Offences Act. Cowley used a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) to spy on various women via their webcams. RAT, notorious for its

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19 Dec 2019

Member of ‘The Dark Overlord’ hacking group extradited to the US

A British national was transported to the US earlier this week, facing charges of hacking US companies. Nathan Francis Wyatt was a known member of the notorious hacking group The Dark Overlord (TDO). Wyatt pleaded not guilty to the charges he currently faces in a Saint Louis court yesterday. US

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13 Dec 2019

Boris Johnson Secures a Convincing U.K. Election Win

In Thursday’s general election, Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a decisive majority, paving the way for the UK parliament to finalize a long-delayed split with the EU. Johnson, a Brexit proponent, achieved an overwhelming victory, securing a majority in Britain’s 650-seat House of Commons for his Conservative Party. This exhibits

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10 Dec 2019

Reddit: US-UK NHS ‘Sale’ Docs Leaked by Russia

Reddit announced that it has banned 61 accounts and one subreddit after post-Brexit US-UK trade deal documents were leaked on the platform as part of a Russian influence campaign. Reddit launched an investigation into the leaked documents and found that the users posting the documents may be associated with a

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22 Nov 2019

Nominet Tackles Cybercrime with 29,000 .UK Domain Suspensions

Nominet suspended 29,000 .uk domains over the past year, aiming to clean up Britain’s domain name space. The .uk registry reportedly took down 28,937 domains as a result of criminal activity between the months of November 2018 and October 2019. This represents just 0.22% of the 13 million .uk domains

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20 Nov 2019

Former British consulate worker says he was tortured in China over UK’s role in Hong Kong protests

A former British consulate employee in Hong Kong claims that he was tortured in China and interrogated about the UK’s involvement with the pro-democracy protests. Simon Cheng was detained for 15 days while on a trip to China in August according to a statement made Wednesday. Cheng claims that he

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12 Nov 2019

Large-scale cyberattack hits Labour Party systems

A month out from UK’s General Election, the Labour Party reported they had been hit with a cyberattack. The Labour Party stated that the attack was sophisticated and affected the party website, which was down yesterday while security experts worked on responding to the attack. The Labour Party stated that

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