19 Jan 2022

Saudi led-coalition launches airstrikes on Yemeni capital after deadly Houthi drone strike in Abu Dhabi

On Monday, the Saudi led-coalition fighting in Yemen launched airstrikes on the Yemeni capital. The airstrikes come shortly after Iranian-backed Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for a deadly drone attack that occurred in the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia’s state run media outlet took to Twitter to address the military action,

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17 Jan 2022

Three people killed in suspected drone attack in Abu Dhabi

A suspected drone attack killed three people in a fuel tank blast in Abu Dhabi on Monday, officials said, as Yemen’s Huthi rebels announced a “military operation” in the United Arab Emirates. Two Indians and a Pakistani died as three petrol tanks exploded near the storage facility of oil giant ADNOC,

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20 Aug 2021

Deposed Afghan President Ghani Turns Up in Emirates

Ashraf Ghani, deposed Afghanistan President, has taken refuge in the United Arab Emirates after fleeing Afghanistan as the Taliban surrounded the capital city of Kabul. The UAE released a statement on Wednesday in which it welcomed Mr. Ghani and his family on humanitarian grounds. Mr. Ghani’s whereabouts had been unknown

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17 Feb 2021

UN to question UAE about Dubai ruler’s daughter

The United Nations plans to raise the issue of the alleged detention of Princess Latifa, the daughter of Dubai’s ruler, with the United Arab Emirates. Princess Latifa has accused her father of holding her hostage in Dubai for three years via a series of troubling videos shared with news outlet

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20 Jul 2020

The UAE has successfully launched the Arab world’s first Mars mission

As of yesterday, the United Arab Emirates became the first country in the Arab world to successfully launch an interplanetary mission. The UAE launched its Hope Probe yesterday, which is en route to Mars after a delay last week due to bad weather. The Hope Probe was launched from Tanegashima

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18 Nov 2019

The UAE, a major US weapons buyer, is building its own defense capabilities

The United Arab Emirates is one of the top foreign buyers of American weapons, however, the UAE seeks sovereign capability and is investing in building out its own military capabilities. Emirati defense group Edge was created earlier this month and combines 22 private firms with the goal of advancing the

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06 Sep 2019

Cracks in Saudi-UAE coalition risk new war in Yemen

The conflicting interests of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia could end the countries’ coalition against Iran-backed Houthi fighters in Yemen, and add a new chapter to the Yemeni civil war that has resulted in a devastating humanitarian crisis in the country. In 2015, the UAE and Saudi

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31 Jan 2019

Ex-NSA cyberspies reveal how they helped hack foes of UAE

A new exclusive report from Reuters traces the shadowy “Project Raven,” a program run by the United Arab Emirates that hired ex-NSA cyberspies to hack the devices of targets around the world. The only named source of the information reportedly became disillusioned with the work when the program began spying

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23 Oct 2018

UAE Hired American Ex-Soldiers To Kill Political Enemies

The United Arab Emirates hired U.S. mercenary firm Spear Operations Group, comprised mostly of ex-U.S. special forces, in 2015 to carry out an assassination. This kind of contracting appears to be on the rise, highlighting the privatization of many kinds of conflict, the importance of special forces, and the change

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04 Sep 2018

Cybersecurity firm hacking princes, emirs and journalists to impress clients

An Israel-based cybersecurity company is being sued by individuals claiming that they were hacked and placed under surveillance in order for the company to attract potential clients. The company (NSO Group) typically sells the surveillance technologies to governments under the explicit condition that they use them only against criminals and

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