29 Nov 2018

Russia to deploy new missiles to Crimea as Ukraine tensions rise

“Russia said on Wednesday it would send more of its advanced S-400 surface-to-air missile systems to Crimea and a Reuters reporter saw a Russian warship deploying nearby as tensions with Ukraine rose over Moscow’s seizure of Ukrainian navy ships. Russia has steadily poured new military hardware into Crimea since it

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27 Nov 2018

Russia-Ukraine tensions flare after Kerch Strait ship capture

“Ukraine’s parliament is to decide whether to bring in martial law, after Sunday’s capture of three of its naval vessels and 23 crew members by Russia. The three ships were sailing off the coast of Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014, when they were seized. Russia opened fire,

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20 Nov 2018

Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service helps thwart another massive cyber attack

“A joint effort of the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine revealed new modifications of Pterodo malware in computers used in Ukraine’s state agencies, which indicates that preparations are likely underway for a massive cyber attack. ‘The malware collects data about the

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19 Nov 2018

Russian drones can jam cellphones 60 miles away

“Russia’s Defense Ministry announced Nov. 6 that the nation had extended the range on its drone-carried jammers to 100 km, or over 60 miles. Drones as a platform for, and not just the target of, electronic warfare means that the sight of a flying robot overhead could signal incoming strikes

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04 Nov 2018

Russia’s Cyberwar on Ukraine Is a Blueprint For What’s to Come

“Many global cybersecurity analysts have come to the same conclusion. Where better to train an army of Kremlin hackers in digital combat than in the no-holds-barred atmosphere of a hot war inside the Kremlin’s sphere of influence? ‘The gloves are off. This is a place where you can do your

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12 Oct 2018

Here’s the US Army’s New Russia-Era Shopping List

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced the U.S. Army to rethink its needs, from better cyber security to longer-ranged artillery cannons, according to the commander of the service’s new Futures Command. ‘That was kind of the wake-up call in terms of the capabilities that the Russians had been developing since about the

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27 Sep 2018

Researchers find Russian “VPNfilter” malware was a Swiss Army hacking knife

VPNfilter, a malware that has been found on 500,000 routers (from several different makers) across 54 countries, has been discovered to carry a more diverse set of threats than previously known, according to research by Cisco’s Talos. The complex malware was designed to exploit the networks to which the routers

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02 Aug 2018

Three Ukrainians Arrested for Hacking Over 100 US Companies

“Three Ukrainians have been arrested for hacking more than 100 US companies and stealing millions of customer records, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday. ‘Since at least 2015, FIN7 members engaged in a highly sophisticated malware campaign targeting more than 100 US companies, predominantly in the restaurant, gaming, and hospitality

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23 Jul 2018

Pentagon announces $200 million in aid for Ukraine

The Pentagon announced an additional $200 million in aid for the “training, equipment, and advisory efforts to build the defensive capacity of Ukraine’s forces,” including improvements of “command and control, situational awareness systems, secure communications, military mobility, night vision, and military medical treatment.” The U.S. has provided $1 billion in

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31 May 2018

‘Murdered’ Russian journalist turns up alive

“Arkady Babchenko, a Russian journalist and Kremlin critic who was reported murdered in Ukraine on Tuesday appeared — alive — at a news conference on Wednesday at which Ukrainian authorities said they had staged the killing as a sting operation. Babchenko’s resurrection came less than 24 hours after Ukrainian authorities reported

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