20 May 2021

UHS Data Breach Lawsuit Proceeds

American healthcare provider Universal Health Services (UHS) is facing a lawsuit filed in 2020 over a data breach. The suit will proceed, but only for one of the affected patients, Stephen Motkowicz, who claims that his surgery was canceled as a result of a ransomware attack and subsequent data breach

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02 Mar 2021

Universal Health Services Suffered $67 Million Loss Due to Ransomware Attack

Last fall, a ransomware attack against Universal Health Services cost the organization $67 million in pre-tax losses, according to an earnings report released earlier this week. The report highlights the fact that the attack disrupted normal operations, causing UHS staff to divert ambulance traffic and reschedule nonessential surgical procedures at

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29 Sep 2020

Universal Health Services Ransomware Attack Impacts Hospitals Nationwide

A ransomware attack, suspected to be the Ryuk ransomware operators, has shut down Universal Health Services (UHS) and several hospitals. UHS is a Fortune-500 owner of a nationwide network of hospitals offering a variety of services to their patients. The attack occurred on Monday, according to reports from employees on

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