23 Sep 2022

One-year-old dies as 11 more suspected Ebola cases identified in Uganda

Another 11 suspected cases of Ebola have been reported by Uganda’s Ministry of health as of Tuesday. The ministry has also identified one probable Ebola-related death, a one-year-old. Samples for the one-year-old and 10 other suspected cases are being tested at the Uganda Virus Research Institute.  As of Tuesday night,

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21 Sep 2022

Uganda declares Ebola outbreak after one person dies

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization confirmed that Uganda has declared an outbreak of Ebola after a case of the Sudan strain was confirmed in the country. The Sudan strain is relatively rare and was identified in a 24-year-old man in the Mubende district. Health authorities in Uganda identified the

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20 Sep 2022

Uganda declares Ebola outbreak after one person dies

Uganda has declared an outbreak of Ebola after a case of the Sadan straine was confirmed in the country according to the World Health Organization on Tuesday. The case was confirmed after testing a sample from a 24-year-old man in the Mubende district of the country.  The Ugandan health authorities

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08 Sep 2022

At least 16 dead as heavy rains trigger landslides in Uganda

Heavy rains in the Kasese district of western Uganda caused a landslide early Wednesday, killing at least 16 people. Six additional people were injured and are receiving treatment at a local hospital. Search and rescue workers have been shoveling the mud to find survivors in the region that sits in

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24 Feb 2022

Uganda’s proposed new law will see anti-vaxxers face fines or six months in jail

Uganda has proposed new and harsh penalties for anti-vaxxers in a new bill that is still under consideration of the parliament as the country attempts to crack down on its Covid-19 vaccine mandate. On Tuesday, a parliamentary health committee stated that it plans to propose legislation to fine or imprison

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17 Nov 2021

Islamic State claims responsibility for Uganda bombings

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for two separate suicide bombings that killed three individuals and injured dozens more in the Ugandan capital Kampala. The attacks occurred on Tuesday and killed two civilians and a police officer, according to a police spokesperson. The ISIS-affiliated Amaq News Agency reported the incident

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16 Nov 2021

At least three killed as two explosions rock Ugandan capital Kampala

On Tuesday morning, three Ugandan police officers were killed and more than two dozen individuals were injured due to an explosion that occurred in the country’s capital city of Kampala. There were two explosions in the city center within 30 minutes of each other, according to police and journalists. The

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09 Feb 2021

Suspected Islamists kill 10 villagers in eastern Congo

On Tuesday night, suspected Islamist militants killed 10 people in an overnight raid on a village in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, local authorities report. DRC authorities believe that the attacks were the work of the Allied Democratic Forces, a Ugandan group that has been active

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14 Jan 2021

Ugandans vote in contested presidential election

Ugandans moved to the polls on Thursday to vote in the presidential election as the 76-year old president runs for a sixth term. Bobi Wine, a 38-year old is considered to be the front-runner against Museveni. There has been no sign of violence in the capital, however, a delay in

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13 Jan 2021

Uganda orders all social media to be blocked – letter

Internet service providers were ordered to block all social media platforms and messaging apps on Tuesday in Uganda. This order was issued through the country’s communications regulator in a letter and is in effect until further notice. Facebook and WhatsApp are among the social media platforms that are unable to

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