19 Sep 2022

Uber Hacker May Have Compromised Secret Bug Reports

Uber has reportedly been breached again after a threat actor claimed to have accessed its email and cloud systems as well as its internal Slack account and HackerOne tickets. The attack was announced last week and could have major effects on the ride-share company. The hacker allegedly sent screenshots to

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12 Mar 2021

Uber, Lyft to share data on drivers banned for sexual, physical assault

On Thursday, Uber and Lyft announced a new Industry Sharing Safety Program in which the transportation services will share data on drivers banned for sexual and physical assault. This not only will protect riders but will prevent offending drivers from swapping platforms after an incident. The program will be managed

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10 Nov 2020

Uber rolls out a new feature that lets you book a ride 30 days in advance

Soon, Uber customers will be able to book a ride up to 30 days in advance due to a new service called Uber Reserve. Although Uber has been letting customers schedule rides in advance for several years, the new update extends the reserve maximum period and allows customers to easily

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24 Aug 2020

Former Uber CSO Charged With Paying ‘Hush Money’ in 2016 Breach Cover-Up

A former Uber security executive, Joseph Sullivan, has been charged with offering “hush money” to cover up a destructive 2016 data breach. Sullivan allegedly paid the hackers $100k to cover up the breach without notifying the public in a timely manner, which exposed the personal information of 57 million passengers

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23 Mar 2020

Former Waymo Executive Passed Trade Secrets to Uber

A former Waymo executive has admitted to stealing trade secrets and sharing them with Uber, a rival company. The former employee, Anthony Scott Levandowski, has agreed to plead guilty to stealing secret information from the self-driving car technology company Waymo regarding its projects. The former executive is accused of downloading

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18 Feb 2020

Uber Pays Google $9.7 Million To Settle Legal Beef In Tangled Self-Driving Car Fight

This week, Uber agreed to pay Google nearly $10 million to settle accusations that Uber executives had improperly recruited Google engineers, which resulted in a complex legal fight sparked by Uber’s attempt to keep up with Google’s self-driving car program. The commercial successor to the tech giant’s self-driving car project,

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21 Nov 2019

NTSB Hearing Blames Humans, Software And Policy For Fatal Uber Robocar Crash – But Mostly Humans

The National Transportation Safety Board presented findings on the fatal crash involving citizen Elaine Herzberg and an Uber test robocar earlier this week. The board determined that the r=crash was a result of the safety driver watching a streaming video show and the impaired state of the pedestrian. At the

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31 Oct 2019

Hackers who extorted Uber and LinkedIn plead guilty

In 2016, one American citizen and one Canadian national teamed up to compromise the systems of Uber and LinkedIn in order to steal user information, which they subsequently used in order to extort the two companies, the two admitted in court this week. The threat actors used a custom tool

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23 Jul 2019

Critical RCE Flaw in Palo Alto Gateways Hits Uber

Tenable researchers have uncovered a remote code-execution (RCE) flaw affecting the VPN software offered by Palo Alto Networks. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-1579, was inadvertently fixed in the latest versions of the software, even though the company was unaware of it at the time. However, older versions of the VPN

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20 Dec 2018

Your High-Tech Car Is a Magnet for Hacking

“Hopping into an Uber or a Car2Go is a great way to get around. Unfortunately, hackers agree, exploiting weaknesses in apps to go on ‘phantom rides’ with someone else’s profile. From such trips—like a man in Australia who went on more than 30 free drives on the GoGet car-sharing platform

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