15 Sep 2021

DOJ fines NSA hackers who assisted UAE in attacks on dissidents

The Justice Department has announced a deal with three former US Intelligence operatives that allows them to pay a fine rather than face jail time for breaking multiple laws when conducting offensive hacking for the government of the United Arab Emirates. The deal is controversial, as it allows the three

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21 Dec 2020

Dozens of Al Jazeera journalists allegedly hacked using Israeli firm’s spyware

Israeli spyware has allegedly been abused by the Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates leadership to hack the phones of dozens of Al Jazeera journalists. The unprecedented cyber attack stems from a private intelligence firm in Israel that appears to have sold the powerful tool. The Citizen Lab at the

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11 Nov 2020

The UAE takes steps towards modernization by decriminalizing alcohol and suicide

The United Arab Emirates has taken a step towards modernization and has removed penal laws regarding alcohol consumption and suicide. The move is part of a year-long bid to modernize the country and promote progressive Islam. The country announced over the weekend that it had effectively decriminalized alcohol and suicide.

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16 Sep 2020

U.S., Israel, U.A.E., Bahrain Sign Peace Accord

On Tuesday, US President Trump presided over the signing of a peace agreement between US ally Israel and two Gulf Nations, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Trump has called this advancement in Middle Eastern peace efforts the foundation for a broader alignment against Iran. If more countries within the

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21 Aug 2020

Small, DIU-Approved Drones to be Made Available for Agencies to Purchase

Federal agencies will soon be able to purchase small Defense innovation Unit-tested drones through the General Services Administration schedule. The products will come from five companies that have been in collaboration with the government to produce and design the drones. Companies including Vantage Robotics, Parrot, and Skydio will be available

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14 Aug 2020

Israel’s Normalization With U.A.E. Squeezes Saudi Arabia

Earlier this week, the United Arab Emirates made a surprising announcement that they would normalize ties with Israel. This has applied pressure on Saudi Arabic to follow in the U.A.E’s footsteps, although it remains unclear whether they will do so. Saudi Arabia risks angering the public and diverging from previous

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20 Jul 2020

The UAE has successfully launched the Arab world’s first Mars mission

As of yesterday, the United Arab Emirates became the first country in the Arab world to successfully launch an interplanetary mission. The UAE launched its Hope Probe yesterday, which is en route to Mars after a delay last week due to bad weather. The Hope Probe was launched from Tanegashima

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27 Nov 2019

US sends investigators to UAE and Saudi to probe CNN weapons violations findings

In September of this year, a delegation of officials with the US State Department and the Pentagon visited the  United Arab Emirates (UAE) in an attempt to verify the findings of a February report by CNN suggesting that US-made Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAPs) sold to the UAE and Saudi

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26 Aug 2019

Why the CIA doesn’t spy on the UAE

The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) does not spy on the government of the United Arab Emirates even though that country’s affiliations and actions on the world stage do not always align with US interests, former CIA officials warn. For instance, the UAE finances Libyan renegade military commander Khalifa

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18 Jul 2019

Iran Says It Seized Foreign Oil Tanker, Escalating Regional Tensions

Tensions in the Gulf further escalated on Thursday after Iranian media reported that the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps seized a foreign oil tanker on Sunday. Allegedly the vessel, sailing under an unidentified flag, had been smuggling one million liters of oil. Last Saturday, a United Arab Emirates vessel disappeared

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