15 Jan 2019

Small group of Marines, sailors complete ‘first step’ in building long-term Latin America task force

The U.S. is slowly strengthening a multinational task force in Latin America whose role spans from natural disaster to security responses. 2018’s exercises saw the first time officers from foreign partner countries were integrated into the command staff, when a Colombian officer served as deputy commander of the task force.

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14 Aug 2018

Hackers Target Marines for Pentagon’s Latest Bug Bounty

A live hacking event in Las Vegas is targeting the Marine Corps in the Pentagon’s latest bug bounty program. Around 100 hackers were selected to identify vulnerabilities in the Corps’ primary communications network. Over the nine-hour event, hackers found 75 vulnerabilities and won $80,000 in bounties. “Working with the ethical

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23 Jul 2018

Marine Corps wants 15 suicide drones swarming from the hands of one front-line Marine

As part of plans to increase lethality of front line troops and their independence from traditional air and artillery support, the Marine Corps is looking into equipping a single marine with a swarm of drones carrying a range of payloads. The drones would be equipped with a variety of capabilities,

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19 Jul 2018

Marines activate first-of-its-kind tactical cyber team

In an activation ceremony on July 16, the Marine Corps moved forward with a new kind of “defensive cyber operations-internal defensive measures company.” The team is tasked with protecting digital assets at the tip of the spear, and is separate from the units housed within the U.S. Cyber Command. These

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