11 Feb 2019

The military wants many information systems to share one language

The U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force have signed a memorandum for the establishment of common standards across future weapon information systems. The purpose of such common standards is to improve battlefield coordination through streamlined information flow. “Victory in future conflict will in part be determined by our ability to

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10 Jan 2019

Secretary of the U.S. Air Force Emphasizes the Importance of Projecting Strength in the Arctic

Did you know that, by 2022, more advanced fighter jets will be based in Alaska than anywhere else in the world? “Whoever holds Alaska will hold the world,” declared a US general a few years before WWII and before the US conducted its first-ever mass airlift and aerial bombing operations

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15 Nov 2018

U.S. Air Force to wrap up electronic warfare study by January

“Big changes to the Air Force’s electronic warfare capabilities may be coming in 2019. The service’s yearlong EW study is drawing to a close, with a final report expected in mid-January, Gen. Stephen Wilson, the Air Force’s vice chief of staff, told reporters Wednesday. ‘We’re about two months away from

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14 Nov 2018

US Air Force moves to fortify F-35 weak points against hacking

“The U.S. Air Force is devoting fresh energy to plugging cybersecurity holes in the F-35’s external support systems, as they are deemed the easiest entry points for hackers into the fifth-generation combat jet, according to a key service official. ‘It’s a software-based aircraft, and any software-based platform is going to

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12 Oct 2018

All US F-35s grounded worldwide

“The Pentagon announced Thursday it is grounding its entire fleet of F-35s, just days after the first crash of an F-35B led investigators to suspect there is a widespread problem with the advanced fighter’s fuel tubes. ‘The U.S. Services and international partners have temporarily suspended F-35 flight operations while the

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27 Sep 2018

An Air Force ‘Way of Swarm’: Using Wargaming and Artificial Intelligence to Train Drones

Animals swarms in nature are providing insight into U.S. military development of drone swarms operating outside of a centralized command system. War on the Rocks writes, “now imagine being able to deploy a collection of drones on the scale and magnitude of a locust swarm. Indeed, the same laws that

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18 Sep 2018

Air Force secretary: Space Force will cost $13B in new expenses

The U.S. Air Force has estimated a $13 billion price tag for the creation of a Space Force, costs that are largely new and outside of the restructuring of current space-related capacities and expenditures. The projections include $2.2 billion for headquarters elements, $1.8 billion for “direct reporting units,” $7.2 billion

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18 Sep 2018

Air Force calls for 74 more squadrons to prepare for possibility of war against major power

The Air Force is seeking a 24% increase in squadrons by 2030 to equip it to fight a peer adversary and win while also defending U.S. soil, serving as a nuclear deterrent, fight secondary wars against other that would use a major war to their advantage, and continue the fight

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11 Sep 2018

Germany mulls joining US-led airstrikes in Syria

The German Bundeswhr may join France, the U.K., and the U.S. in possible airstrikes on Syrian targets if the Syrian government deploys chemical weapons. Participation is supported by Angela Merkel and the CDU, who has otherwise opposed German involved in the conflict as it puts them in direct confrontation with

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26 Jul 2018

U.S. testing an ‘all-weather’ bomb

The Pentagon has begun testing a weapon capable of striking adversaries hiding behind poor weather, what was once an effective shield from accurate targeting. “Poor weather and battlefield obscurants continue to endanger warfighters as adversaries rely on these conditions to escape attacks…this has established the requirement for an all-weather solution

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