12 Dec 2019

Twitter is trying to build a new decentralized social media service that could transform its business — or present new kinds of headaches

An ambitious project was announced by the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, on Wednesday. Named “Bluesky,” the initiative aims to transform how Twitter operates and present a new model for social media services, as well as implementing policies around harmful content and moderation. Dorsey stated that Twitter is funding a

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06 Dec 2019

YouTube Is Easiest Platform To Manipulate, NATO Advisers Find

The NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence bought social media engagement for 105 posts across various platforms for a three month period, which costed a total of $333 for 3,500 comments, 25,000 likes, 20,000 views, and 5,000 followers. The companies they bought from was composed of 11 Russian and 5

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02 Dec 2019

The sinister timing of deepfakes and the 2020 election

Matt Price of ZeroFox explained the significance of the rise of deepfakes leading up to the 2020 presidential elections, stating that he has seen proofs of concepts of deepfakes that could be used to create fake news in the upcoming elections. However, Price claims that he hasn’t seen any public

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02 Dec 2019

SDKs Misused to Scrape Twitter, Facebook Account Info

Twitter and Facebook warn users that software development kits (SDKs) owned by oneAudience and MobiBurn can be embedded within an app and used to extract personal information. The two SDK companies create kits that can be used by app developers to create malicious apps that request access to Twitter or

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12 Nov 2019

Twitter is trying to figure out how to handle deepfakes

Deepfake technology uses intricate facial recognition technology to create video forgeries that are false or misleading, and can be extremely convincing. Last year, members of Congress urged lawmakers to address the issue of deepfakes and realize their potential risk. Twitter recently announced a plan to combat deepfake technology, stating that

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07 Nov 2019

Three Charged in US With Spying on Twitter Users for Saudi Arabia

The US Justice Department is charging three individuals, two of which are former Twitter employees, of conducting espionage targeting users of the social media platform who criticized the Saudi royal family. Two of the suspects are Saudi nationals, while the third is a US citizen. The campaign was allegedly orchestrated

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10 Oct 2019

Twitter Uses Phone Numbers, Emails to Sell Ads

Twitter has admitted that it “inadvertently” used an unknown number of email addresses and phone numbers that had been provided by users solely for the purpose of enabling multi-factor authentication, for targeted advertising. The social media firm assured that “no personal data was ever shared externally with our partners or

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02 Sep 2019

Why Twitter Blames AT&T For The Hack Of Its CEO Jack Dorsey Account, Sending Shocking Racist Tweets

Last Friday, threat actors compromised the Twitter account of the social media platform’s very own CEO Jack Dorsey and used it to send out a string of vulgar and racist tweets, including a bomb threat regarding Twitter’s headquarters. After 18 minutes Twitter managed to recover the account and assured users

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20 Aug 2019

Twitter bans 936 accounts managed by the Chinese state, aimed at Hong Kong protests

After Twitter was called out for running Chinese state-sponsored ads that attacked protesters in Hong Kong, the social media platform on Monday banned 936 accounts for “deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in Hong Kong.” The company said that the accounts had been part of a “coordinated state-backed

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19 Aug 2019

Twitter is displaying China-made ads attacking Hong Kong protesters

Twitter is under fire for allowing China’s propaganda apparatus to run ads on the platform that attack protesters in Hong Kong. Twitter ads paid for by Chinese state media describe the ongoing protests in the semi-autonomous city as “escalating violence” and promote the restoration of “order.” While Twitter is blocked

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