29 Jul 2020

US provides new expanded set of espionage charges against former Twitter employees

The US government has charged three individuals who formerly worked for Twitter with more offenses, including fraudulently accessing information and acting as illegal agents of a foreign government. The former Twitter employees were originally charged with two different crimes, however, they are now under scrutiny for seven offenses rather than

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20 Jul 2020

Twitter Confirms 130 Accounts Hacked

A recent cyberattack that targeted verified users on Twitter is still being investigated by the platform. However, the social media giant has confirmed that a total of 130 accounts were compromised as part of a cryptocurrency campaign attempting to scam victims out of bitcoin. The major cybersecurity incident occurred two

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16 Jul 2020

Hackers targeted Twitter employees to hijack accounts of Elon Musk, Joe Biden and others in digital currency scam

Yesterday, hackers gained access to over a dozen high-profile accounts on Twitter as part of a bitcoin scam campaign. The accounts of politicians such as Joe Biden and former President Brack Obama, tech billionaires such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, and corporate accounts like that of Apple

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10 Jul 2020

NIST Aims to Tap Twitter API Data to Boost Public Emergency Response

The National Institute for Standards and Technology is reportedly aiming to tap into social media analytics to develop a more adequate public emergency response protocol. This strategic effort to advance research aims to enable public-safety entities to have the ability to use social media for emergency response. The NIST plans

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24 Jun 2020

Twitter Alerts Business Users of Billing Information Exposure

Twitter has been reaching out to customers who may have been affected by a data security incident that affected its ads and analytics services. Twitter has disclosed that the incident involved business customers, and may have resulted in their billing information being exposed. In an email to impacted customers, Twitter

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15 Jun 2020

Twitter Removes 30,000 State-Linked Manipulation Accounts

On Friday, Twitter announced that more than 30,000 accounts pertaining to three large networks in China, Turkey, and Russia, were removed from the platform following suspicious state-linked manipulation activities. Twitter stated that the 32,242 were added to the company’s archive of state-linked information operations, then promptly removed from Twitter permanently.

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21 Apr 2020

Twitter Fails to Obtain Permission to Disclose Surveillance Requests

Recently, the US government declared that Twitter’s release of transparency reports could harm national security. Twitter has been releasing the reports since 2012, in which they provide information on legal requests for account information and content removal, as well as copyright and trademark notices, platform manipulation and advertisers. The reports

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28 Feb 2020

Facebook sues SDK maker for secretly harvesting user data

Yesterday, Facebook filed a lawsuit against a data analytics firm, OneAudience, in a California court. Facebook alleges in the lawsuit that OneAudience paid developers to install its SDK in their apps, and later used the control it had over the SDK code to harvest Facebook users’ data. The court documents

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05 Feb 2020

Twitter Confirms ‘Nation-State’ Attack: User Identities Breached

Twitter announced a security exposure from last year in which alleged state-sponsored actors used a Twitter feature to link identifiers to online accounts. The actors matched phone numbers to twitter usernames, a clear breach of anonymity when abused although the feature was designed to enhance the viral nature of the

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21 Jan 2020

New JhoneRAT Malware Targets Middle East

Security researchers warn that a new remote access trojan named JhoneRAT is targeting the Middle East and boasts anti-detection techniques such as making use of Google Drive, Google Forms, and Twitter. Once it is downloaded, the RAT gathers information off of the victim’s device and downloads additional payloads. There is

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