14 Dec 2021

Hackers Target India’s Prime Minister

Hackers compromised the official Twitter account of India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi. The cyberattackers were able to hack into the social media account on December 11 and tweeted messages to his more than 73 million followers. The messages falsely claimed that India would be adopting Bitcoin as its official currency

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03 Dec 2021

Twitter removes another 3,000 state-backed accounts linked to six countries

Twitter has reportedly removed roughly 3,465 state-backed accounts from its platform in an effort to limit the influence of information manipulation and disinformation campaigns on the site. Twitter explained that they identified and removed eight different distinct operations that were traced back to China, Mexico, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Venezuela.

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11 Nov 2021

Twitter Launches Cryptocurrency Team to Explore Bitcoin, Blockchain Uses

Twitter is launching a team dedicated to diving deeper into the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space, the Financial Times first reported on Tuesday. The new team, called Twitter Crypto, is aimed at being the center of excellence for “all things blockchain and web3,” which includes the increasing number of decentralized apps

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18 Aug 2021

Twitter to allow users in US, South Korea, and Australia to report misleading tweets

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it will begin a test trial of a new feature that would allow users in the United States, South Korea, and Australia to report misleading tweets that may be spreading misinformation. The option will appear to users after clicking the button to report the tweet.

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21 May 2021

Twitter drops automated image-cropping tool after determining it was biased

This week, Twitter admitted that an algorithm responsible for the platform’s automatic photo cropping feature was biased. Twitter has since removed the feature from its platform. The social media company released a blog post on Wednesday, stating that it had analyzed the artificial intelligence algorithm that crops images before they

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03 May 2021

Facebook, Google, Twitter caution Australia against a blanket terrorism content ban

On Friday, representatives from Google, Facebook, and Twitter appeared before an Australian security committee to warn them against banning all mentions of content deemed inappropriate on Australian social media. The tech giants appeared as a united front, hoping to sink the idea that they are collaborating to thwart nefarious activity,

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19 Mar 2021

Security Researcher Hides ZIP, MP3 Files Inside PNG Files on Twitter

A new steganography method discovered by security researcher David Buchanan could be exploited by threat actors to spread malicious content inside .PNG image files shared on the social media platform Twitter. Buchanan detailed his discovery via Twitter earlier this week after exploring the technique, which effectively hides data inside Portable

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17 Mar 2021

‘Bit-Con’ Twitter teen hacker accepts plea agreement, three years behind bars

Teenager Graham Ivan Clark has been sentenced to three years behind bars for orchestrating a cryptocurrency scam in which the 17-year-old hacked into the Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Uber, Apple, and others. Clark has accepted a plea deal and will spend three years

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04 Mar 2021

Twitter and Twitch added to list of those concerned with Australia’s Online Safety Bill

Social media platform Twitter and live streaming service Twitch have joined a list of service providers, researchers, and other related organizations who are concerned over Australia’s processing Online Safety Bill. The Bill contains six priority areas that include a cyberbullying and abuse program to remove harmful material, a program to

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07 Jan 2021

Trump blocked by Twitter and Facebook

Social media platforms Twitter and Facebook temporarily banned US President Donald Trump from their platforms for roughly 12 hours beginning yesterday evening due to violations of their Civic Integrity policy. Twitter has been cracking down on the spread of fake news since earlier this year, in preparation for the 2020

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