01 Feb 2023

Bean obsessed crypto-weeb community harvested for $2.74m in cryptocurrency NFTs

Another installment in the series of life affirming Web3 downfalls, over $1.74 million has been robbed from unsuspecting, would-be cryptocurrency investors after the Azuki NFT anime world’s Twitter account was hacked. That’s on top of a potential $1 million worth of stolen NFTs. Having taken over the Azuki Official Twitter(opens

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26 Jan 2023

Hackers Take Over Robinhood Twitter Account To Promote Scam

Cybercriminals hacked the Twitter account of the Robinhood exchange on Wednesday. In a now-deleted tweet, the hacked account was used to promote a scam offering crypto tokens and NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain through the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. Robinhood’s other social media profiles were also compromised. According to a

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05 Jan 2023

New Phishing Campaign Impersonates Flipper Zero to Target Cyber Professionals

Security researcher Dominic Alvieri raised the alarm on several social media accounts and fake websites claiming to sell the sough after hacking tool Flipper Zero. The fraudulent sites are designed to lure cybersecurity professionals into making cryptocurrency transactions. The type of phishing is known as angler phishing and is a

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29 Nov 2022

Millions of Twitter Accounts Potentially Compromised

Cybersecurity expert Chad Loder announced on Twitter that he believes over five million user accounts may have been compromised. The accounts belong to users located in Europe and the US, Loder stated. Shortly after the Tweets were posted to the platform, Loder’s account was suspended. However, they are still available

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10 Nov 2022

Thousands of bogus Twitter accounts push NFT scams to steal cryptocurrency

A fraud network made up of thousands of bogus Twitter accounts has been impersonating legitimate NFT stores to swindle users out of cryptocurrency, according to research published Thursday. The report is just the latest indication that cryptocurrency-related scams still run rampant on social media despite continued warnings from consumer protection watchdogs.

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02 Nov 2022

Twitter Verified Status Users Flooded with Scams

Since Elon Musk’s arrival as the new owner of Twitter, verified users have reported an influx of phishing attempts via email and on the platform itself. Elon Musk has fired Twitter’s board to become the sole director and wants to initiate a big change to the way the platform handles

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22 Sep 2022

Twitter Password Reset Bug Exposed User Accounts

Twitter has fixed an issue that allowed accounts to stay logged in on multiple devices even after resetting their passwords. This means that if an unauthorized party was able to gain access to a user’s Twitter account, they would remain logged in even after the user reset their password and

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21 Sep 2022

CoinDCX Twitter locked: Hacking verified accounts a new exploit for crypto scammers

The Twitter account of the Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX was hacked on September 20. The intruders posted fake Ripple (XRP) promotions embedded with phishing links in an attempt to scam users. “Today, we are pumping XRP. To support our community, we are announcing a 100,000,000 XRP GIVEAWAY. Please note you

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24 Aug 2022

Ex-Security Chief Accuses Twitter of Cybersecurity Negligence

While caught up in a legal battle against Elon Musk, Twitter’s former security chief until January of this year has blown the whistle on how the social media platform handles cybersecurity. The former exec Peiter Zatko has only been off the job for about five months. Zatko accuses Twitter of

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22 Aug 2022

8 sneaky crypto scams on Twitter right now

Cybersecurity analyst Serpent has revealed his picks for the most dastardly crypto and nonfungible token (NFT) scams currently active on Twitter. The analyst, who has 253,400 followers on Twitter, is the founder of artificial intelligence and community-powered crypto threat mitigation system, Sentinel. In a 19-part thread posted on Aug. 21, Serpent outlined

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