18 Jan 2019

Twitter Fixes Four Year Old Bug in Android App Exposing Private Tweets

Due to a bug in Twitter for Android, the app has exposed the private Tweets of an unknown number of users for over 4 years. The issue caused the app to make changes to the accounts of affected users, such as turning off the “Protect your Tweets” setting. The bug

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07 Nov 2018

Fake Elon Musk Twitter Bitcoin Scam Earned 180K in One Day

Hackers used compromised Twitter accounts and Elon Musk’s fame to scam over $180,000 in bitcoin in a single day. The scam involved changing the names of verified Twitter accounts to “Elon Musk,” and tweeting about making “the biggest crypto-giveaway in the world.” Users who sent between .1 and 3 BTC

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18 Oct 2018

Twitter Publishes 10 Million Election Meddling Tweets

“Twitter has decided to release data sets containing 10 million election meddling tweets, the company announced Wednesday in a blog post. If you parse the data you will find that these 10 million tweets came from 4,611 accounts, of which 3,841 are linked to Russia’s Internet Research Agency. Another 770 accounts are potentially

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04 Oct 2018

Twitter Updates Fake Account Definitions, Bolsters Election Security Measures

Twitter recently announced that it is cracking down on fake accounts and attempts to spread misinformation ahead of the November elections. Twitter moderators will also be on the lookout for distribution of hacked material containing private information. This summer, Twitter deleted 50 accounts posing as members of the Republican party

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02 Oct 2018

LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media – An OODA Loop interview with P.W. Singer

An OODA Loop interview with author P.W. Singer on his new book about information operations on social networks.

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26 Sep 2018

Twitter bug could have shared users’ private messages with developers

“Twitter said Friday it has patched a bug that could have shared users’ private messages with software developers outside of the company. The issue is estimated to have impacted less than 1 percent of Twitter’s total user base, which includes 335 million monthly active users as of July. The company

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07 Sep 2018

Don’t @ me, bro: the need for social media on the battlefield

U.S. Army engineers are arguing that Facebook and Twitter could be leveraged for use on the front lines of battle, providing valuable information on the “pulse of the population.” “You want to understand the people that are being affected, the mood of the civilian population and the impact our operations

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22 Aug 2018

Facebook, Twitter Remove Political Misinformation Accounts Linked to Iran, Russia

Facebook and Twitter announced the removal of hundreds of accounts and pages linked to disinformation campaigns originating in Iran and Russia. Facebook stated that they removed “652 pages, groups and accounts for coordinated inauthentic behavior that originated in Iran and targeted people across multiple internet services in the Middle East,

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07 Aug 2018

Twitter botnets are becoming more sophisticated

“Twitter bots are becoming more sophisticated, at the same time that Trump administration officials are warning of an ongoing Russian disinformation campaign fueled by automated social media accounts. A wave of Twitter accounts are spoofing celebrity profiles, engaging in fraud and using verified profiles that have been hacked, according to

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11 Jul 2018

Half of accounts posting Pakistan election hashtags are “probably bots”

Two months ahead of election time, new transparency measures by Facebook and Twitter have suggested that large amounts of bots are being used to amplify messages, spread misinformation, create artificial consensus, or influence voter turnout. A recent analysis found that 52% of accounts using #PMLN hashtags and 46% of accounts

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