25 Jul 2018

Turkey vows to keep buying Iranian oil: ‘We will not obey’

Turkey has promised to continue oil purchases from Iran, in spite of American demands to halt the purchases after it left the nuclear deal. These announcement comes together with the continued clash over arms purchases, as NATO-member Turkey is in the final stages from purchasing a missile defense system from

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18 Jul 2018

Raytheon missile defense chief: Turkey Patriot missile decision ‘is all political’

The missile defense chief at Raytheon criticized NATO member Turkey’s decision to purchase a Russian air defense system over the Patriot system, saying “Patriot is the most combat proven integrated air and missile defense system in the world [with] more than 300 ground tests, more than 1,000 combat engagements, more

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10 Jul 2018

Turkey dismisses 18,000 state employees for alleged terrorist links

Over the weekend, Turkey fired over 18,000 employees of the state for alleged connections to organizations that “act against national security.” No organizations were named, but the firings likely targeted those with any kind of connection to the coup-related cleric Futullah Gulen or the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). The employees

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25 Jun 2018

Erdogan’s power expands with election victory

Turkey’s Erdogan has been declared the victor of the country’s first presidential election under its year-old constitution. This victory consolidates Erdogan’s leadership of the country that started in 2002 as Prime Minister. Second-place challenger from the center-left party received a reported 30.75% of the vote. Opposition has decried Erdogan’s increasingly

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15 Jun 2018

Turkey’s economy could shrink 10%-20%

In what is being compared to Greece’s economic crisis, Turkey has taken measures to stop the rapid decline of its currency. These, measures, however, have not succeeded in propping up other struggling areas of the economy, most notably its equity markets and the credit quality of its banks. Turkey’s top

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05 Sep 2013

A Square Peg in a Round Hole? Turkey’s Fledgling Bid for EU Candidacy

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14 Feb 2012

Dozens Arrested in Turkey Anti-Terror Probe

“Turkish police have arrested about 100 people in a new nationwide operation targeting union leaders and activists because of alleged links to Kurdish rebels. The operation was part of a wider legal offensive against the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK), a union regarded by the authorities in Ankara as the political

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11 Feb 2012

Woman killed in bomb blast in Istanbul

“Turkey’s state-run television says a woman was killed when a bomb she was carrying went off in Istanbul. TRT television says police found the woman’s body on a street in Istanbul’s Sancaktepe neighborhood late on Thursday, shortly after residents reported an explosion.” Source: THE DAILY STAR :: News :: Middle

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23 Jun 2010

5 Killed in Turkish Army Bus Attack

“In the latest of a series of attacks on the Turkish military, a remote-controlled bomb killed 5 people and wounded 15 on a busy highway in Istanbul early Tuesday, the governor’s office announced. While there was no immediate claim of responsibility, Turkish news reports suggested that the attack might have

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