21 Jan 2021

Iran’s Rouhani hopes Biden will return to Obama-era nuclear deal as he dubs Trump a ‘tyrant’

Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, has called on the recently inaugurated US President Joe Biden to return to the 2015 nuclear deal and to lift sanctions imposed by the Trump administration. Rouhani stated that he has placed the ball in the US’s court during a televised cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

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15 Jan 2021

Mexican president mounts campaign against social media bans

On Thursday, Mexico’s president vowed to lead an international effort to combat social media companies that have blocked or suspended the accounts belonging to U.S. President Donal Trump. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador considered the move to block President Trump censorship, and moved to create a common front among international

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07 Jan 2021

Biden victory confirmed after four die amid Capitol riot

Yesterday afternoon, armed supporters of President Trump transformed a peaceful protest into a historic event, storming the Capitol building while the Senate was in session and forcing the Congressmen and women to evacuate and endure a lockdown. One woman was shot dead by police while trying to enter the building

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07 Jan 2021

Trump blocked by Twitter and Facebook

Social media platforms Twitter and Facebook temporarily banned US President Donald Trump from their platforms for roughly 12 hours beginning yesterday evening due to violations of their Civic Integrity policy. Twitter has been cracking down on the spread of fake news since earlier this year, in preparation for the 2020

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28 Oct 2020

Trump Campaign Website Defaced by Cryptocurrency Scam

Hackers have taken over President Trump’s 2020 election campaign website, replacing the cover page with fraudulent claims that Trump was involved in the origin of COVID-19 as well as guilty of criminal collusion with foreign actors. Other parts of the site were replaced with cryptocurrency scam advertising. Journalist Gabriel Lorenzo

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31 Aug 2020

Walmart Says Teaming With Microsoft in Bid for TikTok

On Thursday, US retail giant Walmart released a statement announced that they had teamed with Microsoft to buy TikTok, a popular social media platform currently owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. The app has come under fire over the past several months for ByteDance’s ties to the Chinese government, with

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10 Aug 2020

Reddit Attack Defaces Dozens of Channels

Over the weekend, dozens of Reddit channels were defaced with spam content related to Donald Trump and his 2020 campaign. The incidents draw parallels with the recent Twitter attack in which hackers took over major accounts, including verified accounts for politicians and celebrities. Most of the defaced Reddit channels are

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16 Nov 2018

Trump administration greenlights $324M border wall in Arizona

“The Arizona border will have 32 miles of existing wall replaced starting next April. The $324 million project has been given the green light by federal immigration officials, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday. The project will switch out an old barrier that runs from the Border Patrol’s Tucson

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07 Sep 2018

North Korea’s Kim sets denuclearization time line, prompting thanks from Trump

North Korea has announced a denuclearization time line for the first time, set for the end of President Donald Trump’s first term in 2020. Trump has lauded the announcement and declared that the U.S. and North Korea would “get it done together.” North and South Korean Presidents will meet in

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06 Sep 2018

Here’s the blueprint for Erik Prince’s $5 billion plan to privatize the Afghanistan war

Erik Prince has continued to advocate the privatization of the war in Afghanistan through a plan that will allegedly cut costs and make gains that have remained illusive over the past 17 years. Prince has betted on President Trump’s longstanding opposition to the significant U.S. presence in Afghanistan, a bet

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