18 Mar 2020

Coronavirus-Themed APT Attack Spreads Malware

An advanced persistent threat (APT) group has been leveraging the current pandemic to spread new malware deemed “Vicious Panda.” Security researchers stated that they had identified two suspicious Rich Text Format files targeting the Mongolian public sector. The RTF files execute a unique remote access trojan that takes screenshots of

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06 Mar 2020

Transit Apps With 600,000 Installs Compromised To Target Military And Political Data

The most recent McAfee Mobile Threat Report has revealed that four Korean transit apps were compromised in what has been deemed a “MalBus” attack. The applications had been available for over five years and had been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, but have since been removed from the Google

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04 Feb 2020

New EmoCheck Tool Checks if You’re Infected With Emotet

Emotet, a particularly harmful and notorious malware, infects computers to send further spam to other potential victims, simultaneously downloading other malware onto the computer. Emotet typically downloads and installs the Trickbot banking Trojan, which can have wreak havoc on the victim as it steals saved credentials, cookies, browser history and

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21 Jan 2020

New JhoneRAT Malware Targets Middle East

Security researchers warn that a new remote access trojan named JhoneRAT is targeting the Middle East and boasts anti-detection techniques such as making use of Google Drive, Google Forms, and Twitter. Once it is downloaded, the RAT gathers information off of the victim’s device and downloads additional payloads. There is

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13 Dec 2019

VISA Warns of Ongoing Cyber Attacks on Gas Pump PoS Systems

VISA recently published a security alert addressing the ongoing threat of attacks on North American fuel dispenser merchants by coordinated cybercrime groups. According to the Visa Payment Fraud Disruption, three attacks on fuel dispenser merchants were observed over the summer of 2019, each with the end goal of scraping credit

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15 Nov 2019

New phishing email campaign impersonates US postal service to deliver malware

A report published on Thursday by Proofpoint states that a phishing campaign that has been targeting Europe has now been attacking the United States with the goal of spreading Trojan malware onto computers. The latest phishing attacks impersonate the US Postal Service and contain a Word document that, when opened,

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30 Oct 2019

xHelper Trojan Variant Reinstalls Itself After Removal, Infects 45K

In the past 6 months, an Android Trojan called xHelper has infected over 45,000 devices, mostly in the US, India and Russia. The number of infected devices is still growing every day. Symantec warns that xHelper seems to be virtually impossible to remove, since even factory resets do not get

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30 Oct 2019

New Adwind Variant Targets Windows, Chromium Credentials

Security researchers with Menlo Labs have spotted a new version of the notorious Adwind remote access trojan (RAT) that can steal login credentials from compromised machines. The malware is being distributed via phishing emails, compromised websites as well as outdated and malicious WordPress sites. While previous versions of Adwind were

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11 Oct 2019

Gaming, photo apps in Google Play infect Android handsets with malware

Last month, researchers with Dr. Web discovered that a number of apps on the Google Play Store were riddled with malware, including banking Trojans, adware, spyware, and info stealers. The malicious apps claimed to be games, tools, camera plugins or other seemingly legitimate software. Among the discovered malware samples was

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10 Jul 2019

Anubis Android banking malware returns with extensive financial app hit list

Trend Micro researchers recently detected 17,490 new samples of Anubis, a powerful banking Trojan. The malware is being distributed via phishing campaigns and is capable of targeting 188 legitimate banking and financial mobile applications that are used in the US, India, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, and Poland. Anubis is often

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