15 Sep 2022

Vulnerabilities Found in Airplane WiFi Devices, Passengers’ Data Exposed

Two critical vulnerabilities have been detected in wireless devices LAN devices produced by Contec. The devices are used in planes to provide internet connectivity to passengers while in-flight. The flaws were discovered by a pair of researchers at Necrum Security Labs. The security researchers found that a hidden page not

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18 Aug 2022

Threat Group Ramps-Up Attacks on Travel Sector in 2022

Researchers have identified new details regarding a prolific threat group that has deployed 15 malware families over the past four years. The group, TA558, is financially motivated and mainly targets organizations in Latin and North America. The group switches between English, Spanish, and Portuguese when it conducts its attacks, according

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01 Mar 2022

Taliban Halts Further Evacuations, Rejecting U.S. Precondition for Lifting Sanctions

On Sunday, the Taliban announced that Afghans will no longer be allowed to exit the country without a sufficient reason. In addition, women will be banned from traveling without a chaperone. The latter regulation contradicts one of the US’s key demands before lifting of sanctions and recognition of its government.

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27 Dec 2021

Afghanistan’s Taliban ban long-distance road trips for solo women

A new directive issued by the Taliban on Sunday effectively bans Afghan women seeking to travel long distances by road alone. The directive is the latest curb on women’s rights since the Islamist group seized power in August, and prohibits women from traveling more than 45 miles without a male

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06 Dec 2021

US Issues Cybersecurity Directive for Airlines and Railroads

The US has issued a new Transportation Security Administration mandate requiring all railroads and airlines to report cybersecurity breaches to the federal government. Cyber intrusions must be reported to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) within 24 hours of detection, according to the mandate. This includes rail operators, airline

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23 Jul 2021

The bubble bursts: New Zealand suspends quarantine-free travel from Australia.

New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, suspended quarantine free travel between Australia and New Zealand for at least 8 weeks. The suspension comes after over half of Australia is under lockdown due to the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19. The pause may separate family and friends, but Ms.

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20 Jul 2021

Hundreds of touchscreen ticket machines are offline after a ransomware attack

A ransomware attack has caused hundreds of self-service ticketing machines across the UK to go offline. The machines are located in the northern region of the country. Travellers have been encouraged to use mobile ticketing services while the machines are down. The attack comes just two months after roughly 600

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07 Jun 2021

Dozens killed in Pakistan train collision

A collision between two passenger trains in southern Pakistan has killed at least 40 passengers and injured dozens after a train traveling in the Sindh province derailed and landed on another track. A second train that was full of passengers collided with the derailed train and overturned. Rescue teams worked

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25 May 2021

Italy Investigates Cause of Cable Car Crash in Mottarone

Italy has opened an investigation into a deadly cable car incident that occurred Sunday in northern Italy. The accident left 14 dead and many others injured after the cable car derailed and plunged more than 65ft, crashing into the Mottarone mountain. A two-year-old child was among the victims, alongside a

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25 May 2021

Italy Investigates Cause of Mottarone Cable Car Crash

Italy has opened an investigation into the cause of a cable car accident on Sunday that left 14 people died. The cable car derailed and dropped roughly 65ft into the side of the Mottarone mountain in northern Italy. Thirteen of the victims died at the scene, including a two year

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