24 Jun 2020

TSA’s Plan to Address Evolving Threats to Travelers Relies on Innovative Technology

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released a new guidance document that stresses the changing threats to US travelers and aims to improve the agency’s technology procurement, development, and delivery. The document also builds on the TSA Strategy document released in 2018, in which a tentative 8-year plan was outlined.

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03 Jun 2020

Italy opens borders ahead of neighbors, beckoning tourists

On Wednesday, Italy re-opened regional and international borders, representing the country’s progression into the final phase of its COVID-19 lockdown initiatives.  Italy is the first European country to open international borders fully, ending the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement for travelers. The move has drawn criticism for being premature, while others

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19 Mar 2020

US, Canada are closing shared border to nonessential travel

On Wednesday, Canada and the US agreed to temporarily shut down the border between the two countries to all nonessential travel in order to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The flow of trade will remain intact, but citizens of either country cannot cross the border for family visits

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17 Mar 2020

Iran warns virus could kill ‘millions’ in Islamic Republic

On Tuesday, Iran issued its strongest warning to data about the pandemic, suggesting that if the Islamic Republic continues to keep traveling and ignoring health guidance, “millions” of the Islamic Republic residents could die. Iran’s supreme leader also issued a ban on unnecessary domestic travel. Approximately 9/10 of the confirmed

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05 Feb 2020

China deaths rise to 490, Japan confirms 10 cases on ship

The coronavirus has now claimed 490 casualties in mainland China according to data from Wednesday while new cases on a Japanese cruise shit has emerged. In Hong Kong and other locations, the increasing spread of the virus has caused a revival of attention towards containing it. Ten people on board

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24 Jan 2020

Spreading Chinese Coronavirus Death Toll Rises as More Cities Are Locked Down

China has been combatting the spread of a new strain of coronavirus over the Lunar New Year. On Friday morning, China’s National Health Commission confirmed 830 cases of infection, a 250 person increase since the last count was released by officials a day earlier. 26 men and women have since

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23 Jan 2020

Coronavirus: Wuhan to shut public transport over outbreak

Wuhan has announced its plan to temporarily shut down its public transportation system as it combats the outbreak of a new strain of virus that has hit China’s major cities, along with several other countries. Wuhan has eleven million residents, all of whom have been advised not to leave the

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22 Jan 2020

Inside the CBP-Built ‘Backbone’ of Atlanta’s Biometric Terminal

At Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, testing for a multifaceted facial recognition system is underway. The process would scan passengers’ biometrics to verify their identities at various points throughout the airport. The ultramodern document-free system both entices and worries experts and travelers alike. Different players within the Atlanta airport are plugging

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13 Jan 2020

Air Travel Cyber-Attacks: New York Airport Hit, Travelex Exchange Held To Ransom

Travelex, a foreign exchange company, was hit by ransomware on New Year’s Eve and later received a hefty ransom request of $3 million. This ransom demand has since doubled to $6 million. If Travelex fails to comply with the ransom demands, sensitive data stolen from the company’s networks will be

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06 Dec 2019

Customs Reverses Course on Mandatory Facial Scans for U.S. Citizens

A plan to introduce mandatory facial scans on US citizens upon entrance and exit of the country has been reversed by Customs and Border Protection after facing backlash. The agency is testing facial biometric programs at 20 different entry points, including airports, seaports, and land crossings. Airlines have teamed up

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