16 Jul 2018

China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade

China is attempting to use the ongoing tariff issue between itself, the U.S. and the EU as a wedge to split important E.U.-U.S. ties and bring Europe closer to China. European officials have, however, largely rejected its overtures, beyond agreeing to minor joint statements regarding free trade and the WTO.

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11 Jul 2018

US fires next shot in China trade war

The U.S. has escalated the ongoing trade war with China, publishing a list of $200 billion worth of products to be hit with tariffs. Over 6,000 items are on the list, ranging from food items to minerals and consumer goods, and will be taxed at 10%. The list will be

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06 Jul 2018

Tariffs and trade war: Some US goods ‘appear inevitable’ for China

China responded to U.S. tariffs that went into effect by levying $34 billion, the same amount as the U.S., on 545 U.S. goods that range from agricultural products to vehicles. China has adjusted its tariffs on other countries to help ease their reliance on a number of American goods that

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29 Jun 2018

Silicon Valley could be next battlefield in US trade war

Over 20 venture capital firms in Silicon Valley have close ties to entities either owned or funded by the Chinese government. With the ongoing focus on intellectual property, high-tech research, and China’s efforts to gain U.S. technologies, it is likely that their embedded presence in Silicon Valley will also come

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