03 Jun 2019

China Threatens To Blacklist U.S. Firms Refusing To Supply Huawei

China continues to retaliate against recent US sanctions targeting Huawei and other Chinese firms. Last Friday, Beijing threatened to blacklist US companies that comply with those sanctions. A week before that, China had issued a draft bill ordering Chinese firms that want to buy “network products and services that affect

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05 Mar 2019

Trump targets India and Turkey in trade crackdown

Just as the US-China trade war seems to be coming to an end with both countries working to finalize a new trade agreement, the US government has announced significant unilateral changes in its trade relations with India and Turkey. US President Trump stated that his administration is ending the preferential

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25 Feb 2019

Donald Trump delays tariff hike on Chinese goods, sending stock markets soaring

US President Donald Trump on Sunday night announced that his administration will be delaying an increase in trade tariffs with China, which was bound to occur after 1 March in the absence of a new trade deal between the two countries. Trump claimed that “substantial progress” has been made in

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08 Feb 2019

No talks between Trump and China’s Xi before trade deadline

Contrary to a statement made by the U.S. president last week, Donald Trump has now said that he will not be meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping before March 1, which is the deadline set by both leaders for the negotiation of a new trade deal between their countries. President

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01 Feb 2019

Trump hails China trade talks progress and says he will meet Xi Jinping soon

At a meeting with Chinese vice premier Liu He at the White House, US President Donald Trump has stated that after two days of negotiations, the United States and China are on their way to reach the “biggest deal ever made”. Trump also said that he would have one or even multiple

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18 Dec 2018

Ex-CIA director: It’s a tech war, not a trade war

Michael Morell, former acting director of the CIA, has characterized the ongoing China-U.S. trade war as a “an escalating technological cold war…not centered on tariffs and trade…[but] involves both China’s use of technology to steal information and the theft of technology itself.” In the area of telecommunications, Morell warns that

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03 Dec 2018

Factbox: Contrasting Chinese, U.S. statements on trade war agreement

China and the US came to a limited agreement over the weekend concerning the ongoing trade war between the two countries. Each country, however, presented the agreement in a different way. These differences in interpretation or presentation are important, as massive portions of the economy rely on the negotiations that

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14 Nov 2018

Property bubble fears rise as China struggles with trade war

Concerns over the highest vacancy rate in the world and a cooling economy dealing with a trade war has sparked concerns of an impending bubble in the Chinese housing market. A recent report from China’s largest state-backed investment banks has forecasted that 2019 could be a “year of recession” in

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27 Sep 2018

Xi Jinping says trade war pushes China to rely on itself and ‘that’s not a bad thing’

Chinese President Xi Jinping is working hard to boost confidence and prepare the country politically for the fallout of the ongoing trade war with the U.S. Trying to balance its “opening up” policy with an emphasis on self-reliance, Xi has emphasized the importance of developing technology, agriculture, and other sectors

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20 Sep 2018

Alibaba’s Jack Ma cancels promise of 1 million US jobs, says people should prepare for 20 years of China-U.S. trade war

Alibaba’s co-founder Jack Ma has cancelled his promise of establishing 1 million jobs in the US due to the ongoing trade war. This trade war, he stated, will last for decades and prevent significant partnership growth between the countries. Given the trade war, he has argued that China should instead

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