15 Mar 2021

Apple Sues Employee for Stealing Trade Secrets

A former Apple employee faces a lawsuit from the tech giant after the company claimed the employee sold or leaked trade secrets to a media outlet for over a year, seeking personal gain. According to Apple, Simon Lancaster abused his position to access information outside of his scope, then exchanging

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30 Oct 2020

Taiwanese Company Admits Stealing US Trade Secrets

A 40-year-old company, United Microelectronics Corporation, was fined $60m for pleading guilty to stealing trade secrets from an American company, Micron Technology. UMC was indicted in 2018 for conspiring to steal trade secrets to benefit Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Company. Fujian was indicted on the same charges. Just two days

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05 Oct 2018

Report: China Used Tiny Chips to Infiltrate the U.S. Supply Chain

“Tiny surveillance microchips, produced by Chinese company SuperMicro, were placed inside hardware within data centers used by Apple, Amazon and other large U.S. tech companies, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. The chips were allegedly used to gather information like trade secrets and intellectual property. According to the report, 30 U.S. companies were affected, but no consumer data was

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