13 Jan 2023

Amhara forces withdraw from northern Ethiopia’s Tigray region

Forces from Ethiopia’s Amhara region have withdrawn from the neighboring Tigray region in line with the African-Union backed ceasefire. The troops fought in support of federal troops in the two-year civil war. The withdrawal is a large step towards implementing the agreement from November 2. The disarmament of the Tigrayan

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12 Sep 2022

Tigrayan forces accept immediate ceasefire and AU-led peace talks with Ethiopia govt

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front has said that they are ready to accept an immediate ceasefire and a peace process led by the African Union. These two steps will help end a conflict with the federal military forces in Ethiopia that has lasted almost two years.  A committee had been

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31 Aug 2022

Air raid hits capital of Ethiopian Tigray region: Hospital chief

An air raid has hit a neighborhood near a hospital in the capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray region. This attack occurred less than a week after the four-month-old ceasefire was broken with renewed fighting. The extent of the damage and casualties was unclear.  A spokesman for the Tigray regional government said

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24 Aug 2022

Fighting resumes in Ethiopia despite truce – Tigray forces

Fighting has begun between forces from Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray and central government forces near the town of Kobo. This ends a months-long ceasefire between the two groups. In the past two days there have been large movements of militias and special forces into the area.  The ceasefire had

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29 Apr 2022

Tigrayan forces say they are withdrawing from Ethiopia’s Afar region

A spokesperson for the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Forces stated on Monday that Tigrayan forces are fully withdrawing from Ethiopia’s Afar region. This withdraw will allow humanitarian Aid to reach the area.  The conflict in the region between the TPLF and Ethiopia’s central government forces began in November of 2020. The

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14 Jan 2022

Ethiopia at crossroads as drone attacks worsen Tigray crisis

There is more pressure from the international community to resolve the Ethiopia and Tigray conflict. The Norwegian Nobel Committee called on Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to end the bloodshed in Tigray on Thursday. The fighting in the country between Tigrayan forces and federal troops has gone on for 14

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20 Dec 2021

Ethiopia war: World heritage site Lalibela back in government hands

The historic town of Lalibela has been regained by the Ethiopian military from Tigrayan rebels. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) announced that it was withdrawing from all areas in the Amhara and Afar regions. The TPLF took the decision to allow for peaceful resolutions to its ongoing conflict with

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05 Nov 2021

Ethiopia crisis deepens as nine groups form anti-government alliance

On Friday, nine opposition groups in Ethiopia said they will form a new anti-government alliance. A broad collaboration between armed groups and political actors said they would create this alliance in response to the growing crisis and against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The bloc is going by the United Front

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04 Nov 2021

Ethiopia’s Leader Vows to ‘Bury This Enemy,’ Even as Rebels Advance

Prime MInister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia urged soldiers to protect the city on Wednesday as rebel fighters approached the capital. Africa’s second-most populous country is facing a crisis as rebel forces from the northern Tigray region are approaching the capital; a national state of emergency was declared on Tuesday. The

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13 Oct 2021

Ethiopia Launches Offensive Against Tigray Forces

Ethiopian government forces have launched an assault against the northern region of Tigray, seeking to recapture the rebellious area. The offensive raises concerns about a more devastating humanitarian crisis within the region. According to the United Nations, the Tigray region is already in the grip of famine due to the

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