23 Jul 2021

Chinese president Xi Jinping visits troubled region of Tibet

China President Xi Jinping completed the first official visit to TIbet by a Chinese leader in 30 years this past Wednesday to Friday. The visit was reported by state media on Friday, after the trip had completed. Mr Xi visited locations to learn about Urban Development in Nyingchi before travelling

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07 Sep 2020

Chinese Hackers Target Europe, Tibetans With ‘Sepulcher’ Malware

On Wednesday, Proofpoint security researchers released a report detailing links between COVID-19 themed phishing attacks and APT TA413. TA413 has been active for almost a decade, well known for its use of the LuckyCat and ExileRAT malware. APT TA413 is a Chinese threat actor group that largely targets European diplomatic

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02 Sep 2020

China-based APT Debuts Sepulcher Malware in Spear-Phishing Attacks

A Chinese APT referred to as TA413 has allegedly been distributing a new RAT that has been dubbed Sepulcher. TA413 has been using the RAT in various campaigns over the past six months in attacks against European organizations and government entities, as well as Tibetan dissidents. TA413 has been previously

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26 Sep 2019

Inside the campaign that tried to compromise Tibetans’ iOS and Android phones

Various Tibetan organizations were the targeted of a six-month cyber espionage campaign targeting iOS and Android devices, a new Citizen Lab report shows. Hackers from a threat group dubbed Poison Carp contacted individuals via WhatsApp, while masquerading as journalists and human rights researchers. The attackers used social engineering to encourage

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05 Feb 2019

ExileRat Targeting Tibetan Supporters via Malicious PowerPoint Docs

Researchers with the Cisco Talos Group have discovered a malspam campaign targeting the mailing list of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), which is also referred to as the Tibetan Government in Exile. In the first stage of the attack, threat actors sent an email to everyone on the mailing list, while making

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