01 Dec 2021

A $1 billion metaverse platform that sells high fashion for digital avatars is getting backing from SoftBank and the investors behind K-pop sensation BTS

SoftBank invested $150 million in a South Korean metaverse platform that allows users to dress up their digital avatars in high-fashion labels like Gucci and Dior, the Wall Street Journal reported. With the Softbank-led funding round, the platform called Zepeto scored a $1 billion valuation, the Journal said. HYBE, the

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29 Nov 2021

Brands No Longer See Metaverse-Like Worlds as Abstract Gimmicks

Brands had been toying with the metaverse for some time before Facebook’s recent name change turned the term into a household word. Now some of them are getting serious. Companies including Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., Verizon Communications Inc. and streetwear brand Vans earlier this year built their own digital worlds on

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26 Nov 2021

Plot of digital land in the metaverse sells for record $2.43 million

Virtual real estate is on a tear. A plot of virtual land in the online world known as Decentraland sold this week for a whopping $2.43 million, more than double the previous record set for the price of virtual real estate. Decentraland is a popular online environment where users can exchange cryptocurrencies

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24 Nov 2021

We can’t walk blindly into the Metaverse

In recent weeks, both Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella announced with great fanfare that the metaverse offers an antidote to the lack of human connection. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned but interacting with others through cartoon avatars is not my idea of establishing meaningful connections. Indeed, avatars with limited emotional expression and

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23 Nov 2021

The Metaverse is already here: 5 companies building our virtual reality future

If you believe Facebook, the future is a virtual reality “metaverse.” The tech giant, which changed its name to Meta last month, plans to invest $10 billion this year to develop products that support augmented and virtual reality — a robotic hand, high-tech VR glasses and sophisticated software applications, to name

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22 Nov 2021

Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse could fracture the world as we know it — letting people ‘reality block’ things they disagree with and making polarization even worse

In the metaverse of the future, two people could be walking down the same street and see very different things thanks to the AR glasses they’re wearing. One, who may lean conservative, could “reality block” out aspects they’ve been conditioned to oppose, like a fertility clinic. The other, a liberal, could

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19 Nov 2021

Tinder and Bumble Enter the Metaverse — How Crypto and NFTs Could Become Essential to Virtual Dating Apps

Dating apps Tinder and Bumble are entering into a relationship with the metaverse ecosystem, changing the way people will interact in drastic ways and re-inventing their platforms. From the use of avatars and digital coins to first dates in virtual piano bars, the apps are reshaping the dating landscape. For

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18 Nov 2021

The Metaverse Has Already Arrived. Here’s What That Actually Means

When Cathy Hackl’s son wanted to throw a party for his 9th birthday, he didn’t ask for favors for his friends or themed decorations. Instead, he asked if they could hold the celebration on Roblox. On the digital platform, which allows users to play and create a multitude of games,

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18 Nov 2021

China is eyeing the metaverse as the next internet battleground

China last week launched its first metaverse industry group: the Metaverse Industry Committee, under the state-supervised China Mobile Communications Association (CMCA). Speaking at the launch ceremony (link in Chinese), which took place in a conference room decorated with the hammer-and-sickle flag of the Chinese Communist Party, the former vice-minister of the

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17 Nov 2021

Meta wants you to feel the metaverse with high-tech haptic gloves

VR visuals can only look so good, given current display technology, and we may already be approaching their limit. But what about our other senses? Facebook parent Meta’s dream of an immersive metaverse makes big promises, but current VR interactivity is limited. The Oculus Quest’s controllers, for example, still feel

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