24 Mar 2022

You be the Judge: Deepfakes Enter the Information Warfare Ecosystem

In a troubling development, war conditions are potentially acting as an accelerant in the adoption rate of deepfakes.  

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17 Mar 2022

Russia Faces IT Crisis With Only Two Months of Data Storage Capacity Available

Within two months, Russia will run out of data storage capabilities (for their government and public sector information technology operations) after Western IT service providers pulled their cloud computing capabilities out of the country.

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12 Jan 2022

Social Media Platforms Remain a Force Multiplier for Information-Based Threats

A recent report published by The Washington Post revealed how China is aggressively using advanced software to surveil popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, among others, in order to monitor the activities of and collect information against Western government officials and journalists. Mining these platforms is not solely the purview of intelligence and security services. In fact, “social media intelligence” as a discipline has emerged because of the booming popularity of these outlets. 

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11 Oct 2021

U.S. Treasury’s Response to Ransomware Gangs: Punish the Attackers and the Victims

In late September 2021, the U.S. Department of Treasury (DoT) levied sanctions against the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Suex for the laundering of transactions from at least eight ransomware groups. This latest move to “follow the money” is designed to hinder ransomware operations that rely on cryptocurrency to receive payments from victims.

Per the Department of Treasury (DoT), Suex maintained approximately 25 digital addresses that received more than $481 million in Bitcoin alone (this does not include other cryptocurrencies), Approximately $160 million in transfers were associated with various ransomware operators, as well as darknet markets, other criminal scams, and “high risk” exchanges.

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