06 Oct 2022

Many children among dead in pre-school attack in Thailand

A former policeman has killed 38 people in a gun and knife attack at a pre-school daycare in north-east Thailand. Following the attack in Nong Bua Lamphu province, the attacker killed himself and his family. Children and adults are among the casualties.  The 34-year-old former officer was fired in June.

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10 Aug 2022

Sri Lanka’s ousted president seeking entry to Thailand after weeks in Singapore

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, former Sri Lankan president, has requested to enter Thailand for a temporary stay. This marks the second Southeast Asian country Rajapaksa has attempted to enter after he fled his nation last month due to mass protests. The Thai foreign ministry reported the request on Wednesday. Rajapaksa entered Singapore

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05 May 2022

FBI Reports Thailand and Hong Kong Banks Used Most in BEC

The FBI has released a warning regarding business email compromise attacks, stating that banks located in Thailand and Hong Kong are used in the majority of attacks. BEC attacks have become increasingly popular over the past few years, growing to impact large enterprises, SMBs, and even personal transactions. According to

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03 May 2022

Japan and Thailand agree to new defense deal

On Monday, the leaders of Japan and Thailand announced a new defense agreement and plans to increase their economic relations. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was just wrapping up the last leg of his three-nation tour of Southeast Asia in Thailand. Defense hardware and technology would be transferred from Japan

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29 Oct 2021

Luxury hotel chain in Thailand reports data breach

A luxury hotel chain in Thailand, Centara Hotels and Resorts, has reported a cyberattack in which personal information pertaining to customers was breached. The hotel chain reportedly detected the attack on October 14. Centara Hotels and Resorts launched an investigation into the matter, discovering that a third party had accessed

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22 Sep 2021

Data of 106 Million Visitors to Thailand Breached

A British cybersecurity researcher uncovered his own personal data exposed online after discovering an unsecured database. The unprotected Elasticsearch database was found by Bob Diachenko, leader of security research at Comparitech, on August 22 of this year. Diachenko found 200GB of digital index records dating back a decade. The information

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28 Jul 2021

Thailand sends Covid patients home on trains as virus cases and deaths mount in the capital

Thailand patients infected with Covid-19 being treated in Bangkok are returning to their hometowns by train in an effort to alleviate some of the pressure on the capital’s medical system, which is currently facing several hardships as Thailand is struggling to contain its worst Covid-19 wave so far. Hospitals in

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30 Mar 2021

Thailand pushes back thousands fleeing Myanmar as death toll surpasses 500

More than 2,000 refugees attempting to flee Myanmar have been pushed back by Thailand. A string of air strikes in the southeast of Myanmar have led to an increase of refugees. Over 2,000 people are now hiding in the jungle and are internally displaced after being pushed back into Myanmar

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01 Feb 2021

Thailand Targets Pro-Democracy Protesters in Sweeping Legal Dragnet

Hundreds of thousands of students marched in Thailand’s student-organized protests last year to demand reforms to the government. The democracy movement now is battling criminal prosecutions. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha of Thailand threatens to use “all laws and all articles” against the dissenters from the street rallies. Dozens of protestors

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29 Jan 2021

Thailand arrests 89 foreign tourists for violating Covid-19 rules

On Tuesday night, Thai law enforcement arrested roughly 89 foreigners for breaching Covid-19 restrictions after raiding a party at a bar on a popular resort island. The raid also included the arrest of 22 Thais. The bar in question, 360 Bar on Koh Phangan, is located on the Gulf of

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