16 Feb 2021

JAIC Seeks Test and Evaluation Services for Artificial Intelligence

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is seeking support for artificial intelligence testing and evaluation services. The program supports the goals of the Defense Department and the US government in achieving an upper hand in harnessing cutting-edge technology at the start of the new decade. The JAIC released the request

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23 Nov 2020

Shanghai airport Covid scare sparks ‘chaotic’ mass testing

Positive COVID-19 tests occurring at Shangai’s Pudong airport has sparked a massive wave of testing, with thousands of people being swabbed for COVID-19 as chaos ensues. Authorities required all cargo staff working at the airport to attend a mandatory testing session on Sunday, which was reportedly a calm and orderly

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05 Oct 2020

Nigerian scientists develop cheaper and faster Covid-19 test kits

Nigerian scientists have reportedly been successful in developing a new COVID-19 test kit that is cheaper and faster, enabling higher volumes of testing within the country, which has been facing kit shortages. According to Nigerian health authorities, the population has been trying to combat chronic under-testing, in which there are

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17 Sep 2020

Defense Innovation Board Adopts AI Testing, Digital Workforce Recruitment Resolutions

On Tuesday, the Defense Innovation Board met to discuss resolutions for two federal technology issues. The board also brought up plans to broaden the agency’s work in space innovation and advancement. A new space subcommittee was formed to support this goal as well as to supplement the Space Force in

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26 May 2020

Wuhan performed 6.5 million coronavirus tests in just 9 days, state media reports

According to state media reports, the Chinese city of Wuhan administered more than 6.5 million COVID-19 tests in just 9 days in an attempt to prevent a second wave of infections in the original epicenter. The ambitious citywide testing initiative came just six days after six new cases were detected

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01 Apr 2020

Iceland lab’s testing suggests 50% of coronavirus cases have no symptoms

Iceland, an island nation of just 360,000, has been testing for COVID-19 more than any other country. As of Tuesday, the country had tested roughly 5% of its population, 17,900 people, to gain a more accurate sense of how the virus’s symptoms manifest. Nearly half of the tests have been

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