14 Jul 2021

OODA Network Interview: Dr. John P. Sullivan

This OODA Network Expert interview is with John P. Sullivan, a career police officer and creator of the Terrorism Early Warning Group concept. He retired as a lieutenant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. John discusses his career progression and insights for current and future leaders on dealing with emerging threats.

“Slow down, listen and use the intelligence available to you.”

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08 Feb 2014

Strategy for Local Law Enforcement Agencies to Improve Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination of Terrorist Information

Local law enforcement agencies play a significant role in domestic counter-terrorism and homeland security. The intelligence function of law enforcement agencies enhances their ability to detect criminal activity related to terror groups, as well as the ability to prevent, or respond to a terrorist attack. This research project identifies policies

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08 Feb 2011

Preventing Terrorism Using Information Sharing Networks

Many states currently do not have an intelligence fusion center, and therefore, their ability to prevent and deter a terrorist attack is limited by the lack of information sharing. Wisconsin in addition to many states lacks a central hub for information exchange and currently has no system in place that

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08 Feb 2009

Terrorism Early Warning: 10 Years of Achievement in Fighting Terrorism and Crime

Terrorism is an issue of concern to law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Since the 9/11 attacks, law enforcement agencies are increasingly called upon to assist in the prevention, response to, and investigation of criminal conspiracies which support extremist movements and terrorist groups. To be effective in addressing

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