19 Mar 2021

Experts Explore the Need for a National Technology Strategy

Experts in Congress are considering the need for a solidified National Technology Strategy due to concerns over US competition with China within the technology industry. Sen. Mark Warner recently led a bipartisan group of lawmakers in introducing a bill that would effectively establish a State Department Office to work solely

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03 Feb 2021

Coup Puts Myanmar at the Center of U.S.-China Clash

Myanmar has found itself at the heart of tensions between the US and China after the military effectively staged a coup against the current elected government. Myanmar’s transition from military rule towards democracy occurred roughly a decade ago and was championed as a victory for Washington’s agenda in China’s backyard.

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27 Jan 2021

U.S. B-52 Bomber Flies Over Persian Gulf, in Show of Force Against Iran

The US sent a B-52 bomber to flu across the Persian Gulf region on Tuesday in a display of power seemingly conducted to deter Iran amid high tensions. This marks the sixth time the Pentagon has sent a fighter jet to assert dominance since last fall. The long-range heavy bomber

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08 Jan 2021

Iran ramps up uranium enrichment and seizes tanker as tensions rise with US

Amid heightened tensions with the US, Iran announced on Monday that it had resumed enriching uranium to 20% purity. This is prohibited under the 2015 nuclear deal forged with the US and is likely to further escalate tensions between the two countries. Iran also allegedly seized a South Korea chemical

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18 Dec 2020

U.S. Blacklists China’s Top Chip Maker, Escalating Tech Fight

The Trump administration has blacklisted China’s largest computing chip manufacturer, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SIMC). The move will restrict the company’s access to high-est technology and is a result of its close ties to the Chinese military. SIMC, alongside 60 other Chinese institutions, will be added to a blacklist, according

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11 Dec 2020

Russia Vows ‘Retaliatory Measures’ After Dutch Expel Diplomats For Spying

Moscow has released a statement regarding the expulsion of two Russian diplomats accused by the Netherlands of spying, claiming that retaliatory measures would be enacted. The incident has strained the relationship between the two countries. The Netherlands alleges that two Russians who were working out of the Russian embassy in

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08 Dec 2020

China open to reset in relations with US as Washington announces fresh sanctions over Hong Kong

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi has declared that Beijing is ready to restart its relationship with the US, as the two countries have experienced escalating tensions over the past year. Yi called the path “a critical historical juncture.” Yi also stated that the two countries should rebuild mutual trust in

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22 Oct 2020

As rivalry with Washington heats up, Beijing commemorates ‘victory’ in ‘war to resist US aggression’

On this week 70 years ago, a war called the “War the Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea” by the Chinese occurred. The war’s anniversary celebrations are often an occasion for anti-US rhetoric, as the war was seen as a great victory by China and North Korea. Depending on China’s

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14 Aug 2020

Israel’s Normalization With U.A.E. Squeezes Saudi Arabia

Earlier this week, the United Arab Emirates made a surprising announcement that they would normalize ties with Israel. This has applied pressure on Saudi Arabic to follow in the U.A.E’s footsteps, although it remains unclear whether they will do so. Saudi Arabia risks angering the public and diverging from previous

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27 Jul 2020

Consulate closures an inflection point in China-US relations

The forced closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston and the US consulate in Chengdu highlights an increase in tensions between the two competing powers, marking a new low point in relations. Amid accusations of national security threats, human rights violations, and intellectual theft, the US ordered China to close

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