27 Dec 2022

Serbia puts troops on high alert over rising tensions

The Serbian army says it is at its highest level of readiness due to weeks of increasing tensions between Serbia and Kosovo. President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, says he will protect the Serbian people and preserve the country.  There are some media claims in Serbia that Pristina is preparing an

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06 Oct 2022

Taiwan will treat Chinese military flights into its airspace as ‘first strike,’ defense minister says

Taiwan is seeking to step-up its defenses in response to Beijing’s military pressure. On Wednesday, Taiwan’s Defense Minister stated that Chinese fighter jets or drones that intrude into Taiwan’s airspace will be considered a “first strike.” Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-Cheng was addressing lawmakers on the threats posed by China’s escalatory

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14 Apr 2022

Three deaths in separate incidents highlight sky-high tensions in Israel, West Bank

On Sunday, two Palestinian women were shot and killed by Israeli forces in seperate incidents in the West Bank. A Jewish man was shot dead in Israel after allegedly attempting to steal a gun from a soldier. These three incidents heightened tensions between Israelis and Palestinians after weeks of attacks. 

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12 Apr 2022

India: Muslims see wave of attacks, hate speech on Hindu festival

In several Indian states, during the Hindu festival of Ram Navmi, mobs came out in processions making hate speech and attacking Muslim properties. The states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Jharkjand and West Bengal reported violence during the festival on Sunday.  The festival celebrates the birthday of the god Ram, a

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21 Mar 2022

U.S. Sends Patriot Missiles to Saudi Arabia, Fulfilling Urgent Request

This past month, the Biden administration has transferred a significant number of Patriot antimissile interceptors to Saudi Arabia, reportedly fulfilling the country’s urgent request for a resupply amid tensions in the relationship. The transfers ensure that Saudi Arabia is supplied with defensive munitions necessary to fend off drone and missile

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23 Nov 2021

Fearing new Russian threat, Ukraine races to upgrade its navy

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has expressed concern over the past several weeks due to Moscow’s military activity on the Ukrainian border. Blinken stated that he was unaware of Russia’s intentions, however, historical precedent is cause for alarm. Tensions remain high within the region as Ukraine races to upgrade

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11 Nov 2021

Belarus threatens EU gas as bloc considers sanctions

Amid heightened tensions, Belarus has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Europe if sanctions are imposed due to an escalating migrant crisis at the country’s border with Poland, where thousands of people are enduring freezing conditions in hopes of crossing into the EU. Western officials have accused Belarus of

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12 Oct 2021

Kim Jong-un vows to build ‘invincible military’

Kim Jong Un has vowed to build an invincible military due to hostile policies originating from the United States, according to recent state media reports. Kim Jong Un clarified that the weapons development was for self-defense purposes. The remarks were made at a defense exhibition in which Kim Jong Un

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28 Sep 2021

North Korea tests missile hours before South Korea launches new submarine

North Korea reportedly fired a projectile missile into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula just hours before South Korea launched a new submarine, according to a statement from South Korean officials. The missile was fired early in the morning local time, and South Korea confirmed that the

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15 Sep 2021

Both North and South Korea fire ballistic missiles as tensions rise on peninsula

On Wednesday, both North and South Korea tested ballistic missiles as tensions rise between the neighboring countries. Pyongyang fired the first missiles, sending two into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. The missiles were fired just minutes apart around 12:30 p.m. local time. Seoul followed the launch

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