09 Nov 2021

Iranian hackers targeting telecoms, ISPs

Researchers have investigated the activities of an Iranian threat group called Lyceum and found that the group is focused on infiltrating the networks of telecoms companies and internet service providers (ISPs). Lyceum is also referred to as Hexane, Spirlin, and Siamesekitten and has been active since 2017. The group has

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22 Mar 2019

Astronomical costs, geopolitical headaches: Telecom fraud is too big to ignore, report says

A new report by Europol and Trend Micro on international telecommunications fraud shows that this category of fraud, which covers both consumer and corporate scams, not only costs more than €29 billion (around $33 billion) every year, but also leads to major headaches for consumers, companies and law enforcement. The

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11 Jan 2019

I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone

Joseph Cox of Motherboard has conducted an investigation into the sale of access to customers’ location data by the telecommunications companies T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. The researcher claims to have found evidence showing that the sensitive information is being resold to dubious actors. Among the parties obtaining unauthorized access to the location

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18 Dec 2018

Ex-CIA director: It’s a tech war, not a trade war

Michael Morell, former acting director of the CIA, has characterized the ongoing China-U.S. trade war as a “an escalating technological cold war…not centered on tariffs and trade…[but] involves both China’s use of technology to steal information and the theft of technology itself.” In the area of telecommunications, Morell warns that

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30 Jul 2018

Nokia, T-Mobile US agree $3.5 billion deal, world’s first big 5G award

T-Mobile US and Nokia have partnered to develop and deliver the first 5G services across the U.S. Upgrades beyond 4G have been in question as operators fear the investment required to upgrade networks for what some have called “incremental” capacity increase. Improvements, however, are touted as faster and more reliable,

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