05 Oct 2022

Optus Confirms Hack Exposed Data of Nearly 2.1 Million Australians

Australian telecom giant Optus has released more details concerning a cyberattack that it suffered earlier this month. In an announcement made on Monday, the company confirmed that nearly 2.1 million of its customers were impacted during the attack. These customers suffered from a leak of their personal information. Optus has

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27 Sep 2022

Australian Police Probe Purported Hacker’s Ransom Demand

Australian police are reportedly investigating claims that a hacker released the stolen data of roughly 10,000 Optus customers. In addition, the hacker reportedly demanded $1 million ransom in cryptocurrency to not leak the data. Optus is a telecommunications company and the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier. The data breach allegedly occurred

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01 Sep 2022

UK Imposes Tough New Cybersecurity Rules for Telecom Providers

The UK’s telecommunications industry is set to introduce new security framework in October. The shift will make the UK’s telecoms security regulations some of the strongest and most thorough in the world. The UK government published a public consultation response earlier this week outlining some of the changes that have

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29 Mar 2022

Ukraine Suffers Significant Internet Disruption Following Cyber-Attack

Ukraine’s national telecommunications provider, Ukrtelecom, has suffered from a significant cyberattack that led to a severe disruption to internet connectivity in the region. Ukrtelecom provides fixed internet for a large portion of Ukraine’s geographical area. The telecom confirmed the incident yesterday and reported that it is gradually restoring connectivity after

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17 Mar 2022

Russia Faces IT Crisis With Only Two Months of Data Storage Capacity Available

Within two months, Russia will run out of data storage capabilities (for their government and public sector information technology operations) after Western IT service providers pulled their cloud computing capabilities out of the country.

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07 Mar 2022

A Major Internet Backbone Company Cuts Off Russia

Russia has suffered many international blows since it invaded Ukraine in late February, including sanctions, cyberattacks, and other measures designed to deter Russia from continuing the conflict. On Friday, US internet infrastructure company Cogent Communications reported that it is ending its relationships with its Russian customers. This includes the state-owned

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31 Jan 2022

US Revokes China Unicom’s License To Provide Telecom Services in America

The US government has stripped another Chinese telecoms company of its license to operate in the US due to national security reasoning. The Federal Communications Commission’s new order ends the ability of China Unicom Americas to provide telecoms services within the US. The move follows a March 2021 finding by

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14 Jan 2022

FCC Proposes Stricter Data Breach Reporting Requirements

On Wednesday, Federal Communications Commission chairperson Jessica Rosenworcel published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NRPM) that started the process of strengthening the Commission’s rules on notifying customers and federal law enforcement of data breaches. The Commission stated that the proposed updates would mean that the FCC data breach notification rules

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24 Aug 2021

AT&T Denies Data Breach

AT&T is denying claims made by ShinyHunters that the personal data of 70 million customers has been stolen. ShinyHunter’s previous exploits have affected the likes of Microsoft, Dave, Tokopedia, Pixlr, Mashable, and Havenly, among others. ShinyHunter announced the breach on an underground hacking forum earlier this month. The threat group

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03 Aug 2021

Chinese APTs strike major telecommunications companies

Researchers at Cybereason Nocturnus recently published a report disclosing three cyber espionage campaigns seeming to come from China targeting networks belonging to major telecommunications companies. The attackers are referred to as DeadRinger in the report and are believed to be working for Chinese state interests. The cybersecurity firm reported that

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