09 Jan 2020

Senator unveils bill to stop the US from sharing intel with countries using Huawei 5G

Senator Tom Cotton introduced legislation that seeks to prohibit the United States from sharing intelligence with countries allowing the Chinese company Huawei to operate 5G technologies. The legislation, which was introduced earlier this week, would have a major impact on both the US foreign policy and on Huawei. The legislation

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09 Jan 2020

A Lance Corporal’s Phone Selfie Got His Marine Unit ‘Killed’ at 29 Palms

This week over ten thousand US and NATO troops gathered in 29 Palms, the Marine Corps’ largest base, located near San Bernardino, California for the largest joint training exercise in decades. The forces tackled cyber attacks, drone exercises and other forms of war games. Crucially, the exercise demonstrated the massive

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20 Dec 2019

Robotics Can Solve The Construction Skills Shortage—If Handled Properly

The construction industry currently experiences skill shortages, limited resources, and outdated information collection practices. Experts believe that automation and robotics could save the industry from stagnation, as robotics in construction offer capabilities infeasible for humans and crucial accuracy. Alongside the mining, oil, and gas industries, construction has lagged behind when

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17 Dec 2019

Argonne’s Advanced X-Rays Are Beaming the Way to Smarter Helmets

A collaboration between researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory, the Army Research Laboratory and Northwestern University are developing next level military helmets by collecting and deciphering data from x-ray analyses of human skulls. The project leader, physicist Jonathan Almer, stated that the helmet would lead to a decrease in fatal

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16 Dec 2019

Cisco Wins Legal Challenge in Battle Against Chinese Counterfeits

Cisco Systems has secured an injunction that requires marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba to stop selling certain knockoffs of key networking equipment. Cisco argues that counterfeit items could threaten US national security and health systems because the items were more prone to failure and issues. The suit, which was filed

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18 Nov 2019

Yahoo Japan and chat app Line agree to 50-50 merger

Yahoo Japan Corporation and chat app Line states on Monday that they have agreed to merge. The deal includes buying out Line Corp.’s minority shareholders, and the merger will require various clearances from authorities. The two Japanese tech giants plant to use the merger to leverage each other’s bases and

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11 Nov 2019

Artificial Intelligence Poses New Threat to Equal Employment Opportunity

Non-profit research center The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) recently called into question the practices of Utah-based recruiting company HireVue for their use of online game-based challenges and video interviews in evaluating a job candidate’s qualifications. EFF asked the Federal Communications Commission to investigate these practices as a potential threat to

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11 Apr 2019

Finance Remains Most Attacked Sector Globally Six of the Past Seven Years

A new NTT security report shows that 17% of all cyberattacks in the past year targeted the financial sector. The technology sector also accounted for 17% of attacks in 2018, but finance has been the most targeted industry for 6 of the last 7 years. Other highly targeted industries were

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19 Feb 2019

The Internet, Divided Between the U.S. and China, Has Become a Battleground

The US and China are fiercely competing to become the global champion of 5G, the new generation of incredibly fast mobile technology. This battle is bound to have major repercussions for the future of the Internet. Right now, it is already difficult to speak of one uniform Internet, due to

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15 Feb 2019

AI must tackle the sparsity challenge, says Landing AI’s Gopi Prashanth

According to Gopi Prashanth of AI-startup Landing AI, one of the major challenges in the development of AI and machine learning is to teach machines to generalize based on small data samples in situations where relevant data is sparse. Currently, deep learning enables machines to learn from massive amounts of

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