14 Feb 2020

Labor Department Joins GSA’s AI Center of Excellence to Automate Procurement Tools

On Thursday, The Technology Transformation Service announced that it would be partnering with the Labor Department, which will join the General Services Administration’s Centers of Excellence program in an attempt to automate the department’s procurement process. The center is focused on spreading the use of secure and efficient artificial intelligence

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07 Feb 2020

Highway Administration to Explore How AI and Blockchain Can Transform Transportation

The Federal Highway Administration launched a research program earlier this week in an attempt to bring in transformational changes and advances in highway engineering through the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain. According to the announcement, the administration is accepting research proposals with the intent of awarding contracts or agreements

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05 Feb 2020

The Army Wants Technology that Can See Through Walls—and Identify People on the Other Side

The Army wants to create next-level technology that will help soldiers see through walls, offering advanced insights for soldiers in combat. The Army filed a recent request for information in which the Army stated they are accepting white papers to identify commercially available technologies that could help it develop the

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03 Feb 2020

UK’s First Electronic Car Hire Platform Launches In London

The UK has launched its first electronic car hire platform. The company has opened for business in London, allowing consumers to rent 100 zero-emissions cars across the city. The company, UFODRIVE, is available in several locations across London and prices range around £90 per day. The rental price includes unlimited

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31 Jan 2020

Britain Gives Huawei Green Light For Limited Role In 5G Network

Britain has announced that it will allow Huawei to operate its 5G networks within the country, however, with limited capacity. The UK has received several warnings from the US to ban Huawei from operating within the country amid national security fears. Huawei will be restricted from supplying equipment to certain

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31 Jan 2020

Facebook to Pay $550M to Settle Class Action Case Over Facial Recognition

Facebook has agreed to settle a case over the social network’s Tag Suggestions feature, agreeing to pay $550 million to Illinois users. The class-action lawsuit was filed over the use of Facebook’s face-tagging technology that collects facial recognition data without users’ consent. The company announced the settlement on Wednesday, stating

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30 Jan 2020

UPS Jumps Into The Future With Plan To Buy 10,000 Electric Vans And A Waymo Self-Driving Delivery Pilot

UPS is attempting to create a more environmentally friendly and high tech fleet, planning to buy up to 10,000 electric vans from a UK startup. It also announced that it will be launching a package pickup trial in Phoenix with tech leader and self-driving vehicle developer Waymo. UPS stated that

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29 Jan 2020

The VA’s First Chief Innovation Officer Aims to Speed Up the Delivery of Cost-Saving Services

The Innovation Center run by the Veteran Affairs Department was established just over a decade ago but is currently undergoing a transformation to include a chief innovation officer. The role will be filled by Michael Akinyele, a current first-time federal employee who currently serves as the center’s principal lead. Akinyele

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23 Jan 2020

In-Body Microcomputer Could Help Heart Failure Patients Live Longer

A medical technology company named Vectorious has developed an in-body microcomputer that could improve the quality of life for heart failure patients, allowing them to live longer. The tiny V-LAP sensor is positioned within the heart, providing real-time data to medical professionals. The device is powered by artificial intelligence and

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22 Jan 2020

Data-driven vehicles: The next security challenge

As manufacturers increase their efforts to get autonomous vehicles on the road, experts are concerned that the radical shift in security needed to ensure safety will not be reached. As more smart technologies are implemented into cars, more security threats are posed. The addition of a tablet-based control console creates

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