05 Jan 2023

Breakthroughs and Beyond: Technology advances in 2022 that will shape 2023

With this post Bob Gourley provides a personal assessment on the greatest technological breakthroughs of 2022. These developments are so significant we recommend all should consider how they may impact business and government strategies and operations. Review with an eye towards revisiting your plans for 2023. 

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12 Dec 2022

Fusion energy breakthrough by US scientists boosts clean power hopes

US government scientists have achieved a net energy gain in a fusion reaction for the first time, according to three people with knowledge of the experiment. The development could prove the process could provide a reliable, abundant alternative to fossil fuels and conventional nuclear energy. It is the first time

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12 Dec 2022

Breakthroughs of the Year

The Atlantic has published its inaugural 10 Breakthroughs of the Year. The achievements span every stage of life and every aspect of life, from our cells to the stars. They include a drug that revives the organs of dead animals; an embryo created without sperm or egg; a telescope to

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07 Dec 2022

Accelerating Technology For Use In Governments: What can be done now?

Editor’s note: We asked Max Schindler to help us better comprehend challenges and make actionable recommendations for improving the ability of enterprises to adopt new technologies. This is the first of a series he is producing on this topic-bg

The rapid change in creation, integration, and adoption of new technology has fundamentally shifted the way society and governments act in terms of economics, politics, defense, and intelligence.  All governments are beginning to recognize these shifts, at different paces.  The Chinese government continues to take full advantage of this new environment, and will, if we do not act now, produce a catastrophic result. 

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08 Nov 2022

Open-source repository SourceHut to remove all cryptocurrency-related projects

SourceHut, an open-source repository, has announced that it will remove all cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects. The announcement was released last week when creator Drew DeVault stated that he would ban projects associated with the technologies. DeVault’s statement cited the usage of these technologies to conduct scams and get rich

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17 Oct 2022

BAE Releases New Cybersecurity System for F-16 Fighter Aircraft

BAE Systems has announced its new Viper Memory Loader Verifier II, a new system that is designed to bolster the cybersecurity in F-16 fighter aircraft and protect against potential cyberattacks. This is the second version of the maintenance capacity that is designed to reduce vulnerability of the systems in the

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06 Oct 2022

OODAcon 2022: The Future Hasn’t Arrived – Identifying the Next Generation of Technology Requirements

OODAcon 2022:  The Future Hasn’t Arrived – Identifying the Next Generation of Technology Requirements

Panel Description:  In an age when the cyber and analytics markets are driving hundreds of billions of dollars in investments and solutions is there still room for innovation? This panel brings together executives and investors to identify what gaps exist in their solution stacks and to define what technologies hold the most promise for the future.

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06 Sep 2022

VMware looks to tap growing APAC need for multi-cloud management

VMware has announced that its next phase of cloud development will focus on multi-cloud management and security. Businesses in the Asia-Pacific are seeking options but have a difficult time coping with the complexities of different platform management. To solve this issue, VMware is looking to step in and aid its

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23 Aug 2022

CEO of Blacklisted Israeli Spyware Maker NSO Steps Down

The CEO of Israeli spyware company NSO Group has stepped down, according to an announcement made by the company Sunday. Former CEO Shalev Hulio will be replaced by COO Yaron Shohat, who will manage the company’s reorganization in the aftermath. The company is responsible for the controversial Pegasus spyware due

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08 Aug 2022

Deepfake attacks and cyber extortion are creating mounting risks

VMware reportedly identified a new type of malware in February named HermeticWiper deployed in one of the largest attacks in history. The attack was focused on the destruction of critical information and resources and was deployed against Ukraine, says the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Since then, sixty-five percent

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