18 Jun 2021

China Steps Up Antitrust Pressure on Internet Firms

Dozens of domestic internet companies are being heavily scrutinized by Chinese regulators for possible antitrust violations. The antitrust watchdog, cyber police and tax authorities have paid visits tot some of the companies. Didi Chuxing Technology Co. was one of the firms visited by government agencies when executives were questioned, financial

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16 Jun 2021

China says its fighter pilots are battling AI aircraft in simulated dogfights, and humans aren’t the only ones learning

In China, fighter pilots have been battling aircraft piloted by artificial intelligence in simulated dogfights that seek to boost pilot combat skills, according to Chinese media. People’s Liberation Army Air Force brigade flight team leader and recognized fighter ace Fang Guoyu was allegedly recently shot down by a Chinese-developed AI

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15 Jun 2021

VA Integrates Extended Reality Technology Across Sites and Treatments

The Veteran’s Affairs Department is deploying an improvement program for its extended reality technologies to allow for the department to determine the utility of virtual reality (VR) in falls risk assessments, neurological assessment, palliative care, procedural use, and other functions. The technology will be delivered to VA hospitals across the

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14 Jun 2021

Google researchers show artificial intelligence can design microchips better and faster than humans

According to a new study, artificial intelligence machines can now create computer microchips in just six hours that perform better or just as well as those designed by human experts. Therefore, AI can devise blueprints thousands of times faster than humans. The new research was conducted by Google and is

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11 Jun 2021

White House Forms Team to Develop Blueprint for National AI Infrastructure

On Thursday, a team of technical experts was named by the White House to produce a comprehensive and detailed strategy that aims to serve as the blueprint for national artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure. The experts will look to extend America’s AI edge by delivering computing resources, government-captured data, tools, and

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10 Jun 2021

NSF, Tech Companies Partner to Create Post-5G Wireless Systems

The National Science Foundation is pushing the Defense Department, Apple, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Google, IBM, and other industry partners to coordinate new research into connectivity and post 5G wireless systems through a collaborative effort. The program is referred to as RINGS, standing for Resilient and Intelligent

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09 Jun 2021

El Salvador is the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender

In El Salvador, a majority of lawmakers approved a proposal brought forth by Salvadorian President Nayib Bukele that allows bitcoin to be used as legal tender in the country alongside the US dollar, becoming the first country to do so. The new law stated that all economic agents are required

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08 Jun 2021

Websites rumble back to life after Fastly-linked outage

Thousands of websites across the globe were taken offline last night due to a widespread hour-long outage linked to a US-based cloud company named Fastly Inc. The outage affected high-traffic sites such as Reddit, Amazon, CNN, Paypal, Spotify, Al Jazeera Media Network, and the New York Times. The sites were

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08 Jun 2021

Relativity Space Raises $650 Million To Make Its 3D-Printed Rocket Competitive With SpaceX

Relativity Space, a company that is on a mission to create a 3D-printed rocket competitive with SpaceX, is on track to launch its first rocket by the end of the year after raising $650 million in a Series E venture round. The round was aiming to raise funds to accelerate

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07 Jun 2021

China’s drive to compete against Starlink for the future of orbital internet

China’s space capabilities have increased dramatically over the past several years as the world witnessed a wave of businesses hoping to offer broadband internet delivered from thousands of low-orbit satellites. The technology would provide coverage to most of the earth’s surface. The business model has caught the attention of high-profile

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