14 Jan 2022

Jet Suit Testing by the British Royal Navy and Gravity Industries

Ever since Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, when Boba Fett busts his jet suit on Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge during the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon, well, this writer was hooked. Jet packs have since been depicted in media and sci-fi, most notably in the dystopian scenario of Spielberg’s 2002 Minority Report. Technological fact now mirrors science fiction, as the British Royal Navy has recently been testing jet suit technology to board ships.  A new video was recently released by the UK-based Gravity Industries, which manufactures the jet suit technology. 

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04 Jan 2022

Iran Sends Rocket Into Space Amid Faltering Nuclear Talks

On Thursday, Iran reportedly launched a rocket into space containing three research devices. The launch drew attention to Tehran’s missile ambitions amid faltering international negotiations regarding its nuclear program. The rocket launched by Iran last week is called the Simorgh and is designed to carry satellites. The spacecraft went up

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03 Jan 2022

This Dubai restaurant is using tech to stop seafood fraud

After studies showed that a decrease in fish quality was on the rise, one restaurant in Dubai has capitalized on technology that helps their customers learn the provenance of their seafood while they dine. A 2019 study conducted by Oceana found that lower-value fish was often served in place of

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30 Dec 2021

2021 Year-end Review: Geopolitical Risk and Technology

This year was all about long-term geopolitical strategy propelled by technology-driven innovation and tactics.  In 2021, geopolitical risk and technology intersected in what feels like (forgive the overused descriptor but it is apropos here) an inflection point.  Geopolitics is already operating in a future state:  technology is now the clear exponential driver of tactical maneuvers for military and geographic competitive advantage – all the while referencing nationalistic, technology-focused strategic blueprints. 

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18 Nov 2021

Singapore delays satellite road toll system due to global chip shortage

Singapore has delayed the deployment of its next-generation electronic road pricing (ERP) system due to the global chip shortage. Instead of the initial date of late-2021, the satellite-based network is now expected to be rolled out in late 2023. Originally, the project was slated to be implemented starting in 2020

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02 Nov 2021

Yahoo Pulls Out of China, Ending Tumultuous Two-Decade Relationship

Yahoo Inc. has stated that it will cease to offer its services in China starting on November 1, citing an increasingly challenging business and legal environment. This marks the latest foreign company to be caught up in Beijing’s strict rules for businesses. Yahoo has become the second well-known US technology

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18 Oct 2021

Facebook hits back at claims its AI has minimal success in fighting hate speech

Guy Rosen, the VP of integrity at Facebook, has shut down claims that artificial intelligence technology used by the platform to fight hate speech is not successful. Rosen has claimed that the prevalence of hate speech on Facebook has dropped by almost 50% in the last three quarters since utilizing

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11 Oct 2021

Dan Gerstein and Lance Mortlock on Technology Futures and Scenario Planning

In August of 2020, Bob Gourley was joined by technologist and national security expert Dan Gerstein from Rand Corporation. Dan is also the author of the recently released book entitled “The Story of Technology“ In March of 2020, Bob had a conversation with Lance Mortlock, a Senior Ernst and Young (EY) Strategy Partner. He is the author of the book Disaster Proof: Scenario Planning for Post Pandemic Future, which explores ways scenario planning can help organizations be more resilient.

Threads that emerge in these conversations are approaches leaders can take to prepare for the future, the role of governments in the future of technology, the “technology wars” as they are currently waged, humanities place in this new warfare, expected outcomes from scenario planning and what could be the next big disruptive event.

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06 Oct 2021

America’s First Exascale Supercomputer Is ‘On Track’ for 2021 Deployment

After years of preparation, the US’s first exascale supercomputer will be in function in the near future. The device is currently being installed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, according to the lab. Exascale systems will be essential to the next generation of high-performance supercomputing and are capable of operating

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05 Oct 2021

YubiKey Bio builds biometric authentication into a security key

YubiKey security keys has launched its latest technology, called YubiKey Bio. The key features biometric authentication built-in, allowing users to take advantage of simple and streamlined passwordless authentication for desktop FIDO-supported services and applications. The key uses a three-chip architecture that is able to store the biometric fingerprint in a

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