12 Nov 2021

NATO and US DoD AI Strategies Align with over 80 International Declarations on AI Ethics

NATO’s release in October of its first-ever strategy for artificial intelligence is primarily concerned with the impact AI will have on the NATO core commitments of collective defense, crisis management, and cooperative security.

Worth a deeper dive is a framework within the overall NATO AI Strategy, which mirrors that of the DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s (JAIC) efforts to establish norms around AI:   “NATO establishes standards of responsible use of AI technologies, in accordance with international law and NATO’s values.” At the center of the NATO AI strategy are the following six principles: Lawfulness, Responsibility and Accountability, Explainability and Traceability, Reliability, Governability, and Bias Mitigation.”

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17 May 2021

NIST Wants Help Assessing China’s Influence on Emerging Technology Standards

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has requested information that will help aid its insights into China’s relevant policies and moves to set international standards that govern the use of emerging technologies. The NIST published a notice earlier this week pertaining to the request for information. The move is

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