30 Apr 2021

Multi-Gov Task Force Plans to Take Down the Ransomware Economy

60 global entities have proposed a plan to hunt down and stop ransomware gangs by attacking their financial operations. The Institute for Security and Technology created the coalition with more than 60 members from software companies, government agencies, nonprofits, academic institutions and cyber security vendors. Microsoft and Amazon are among

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14 Jul 2020

Secret Service Launches Cyber-Fraud Task Force

The US Secret Service has announced that it plans to create a new task force to tackle financial crimes and cyber fraud. This move shows that the government recognizes the growing convergence of classic financial crimes and financial crimes that are sophisticated with a cyber element. The announcement consists of

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08 Apr 2020

Pentagon Seeks Innovative Commercial Tech to Address COVID-19 Pandemic

On behalf of the Defense Department, the US Air Force has announced that it is seeking innovative commercial technology and research that could help navigate the national crisis that the COVID-10 pandemic poses. The Air Force Aquisition COVID-19 Task Force on April 6 released a solicitation for new technologies. The

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