25 Jun 2021

The Taliban’s offensive is prompting Afghans to join the fight: ‘We need to defend our lands’

Several hundred men gathered on the main street a few miles north of the Afghan capital with old rifles after a government call to action that has spread across the country. Militia members and armed citizens in more than a dozen provinces have joined Afghan security forces battling the Taliban

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23 Jun 2021

US could slow Afghanistan withdrawal amid Taliban gains

The US Military has confirmed via Pentagon spokesman John Kirby that they are considering slowing down its withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan due to recent Taliban gains. Although the September 11 deadline remains in place, the pace of troop withdrawal may slow. At this point, Pentagon officials state that

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10 Jun 2021

ISIS claims responsibility for attack on mine-clearing workers in Afghanistan

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack that occurred on Tuesday at a Halo Trust facility that left 10 people dead and 16 others wounded. The terrorist group’s affiliate, known as IS-K, has owned up to the brutal killings against the international demining charity. Afghani officials initially blamed the

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09 Jun 2021

Afghanistan mine clearance workers shot dead ‘in cold blood’

At least 10 Afghani mineworkers employed by Halo Trust have died after a shooting in the northern province of Baghlan. More than a dozen were wounded during the shooting. Afghan officials have pointed to the Taliban as the party responsible for the attack, stating that militants began to blindly shoot

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04 Jun 2021

UN sounds alarm over threat posed by emboldened Taliban, still closely tied to al Qaeda

A United Nations report released on Wednesday warns of a Taliban that remains close to al Qaeda and poses a severe threat to the government of Afghanistan. The UN Monitoring Team tracks security threats in Afghanistan and showed concerns in the report regarding the removal of the remaining US troops

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13 May 2021

Three-day Eid ceasefire comes into force in Afghanistan

As celebrations for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr began on Thursday, a three-day ceasefire between the Talibana nd Afghan government began as well. The ceasefire was proposed by the Taliban and agreed to by President Ashraf Ghani. This will be the fourth pause in fighting in nearly 20 years

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12 May 2021

Taliban capture Afghan district ahead of Eid ceasefire

A day before a three day ceasefire is due to start, the Taliban have taken control of the Nerkh district in Wardak province in a surprise attack. This is the second district to fall in a week to the Taliban. There is increasing violence in Afghanistan as the United States

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06 May 2021

Gunmen shoot dead former news anchor in Afghanistan’s Kandahar

On Tuesday, provincial officials from Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar reported that gunmen shot dead a finance ministry employee and a former news anchor in the latest event in a series of attacks. Journalists, civil society activists, government officials, and judges have been targeted by terrorist attacks over the past

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28 Apr 2021

U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan Orders Nonessential Staff to Leave Country

The US Embassy in Afghanistan announced on Tuesday that all nonessential staff should evacuate the country as concerns over an escalation in violence mount. The Taliban previously placed a deadline for all troops to withdraw from the country. This deadline is fast approaching, set to occur next week on May

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04 Mar 2021

Three female journalists killed by gunmen in Afghanistan in latest wave of violence

On Tuesday, three female media workers were killed in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, according to official reports from the Afghani government. This marks the latest incident in a wave of killings that is spreading fear among journalists and professional workers within the country. The three women were recent

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