09 Apr 2020

Zoom’s fall: Google bans Zoom from staffers’ gear

Last week, Google announced that it will block Zoom from all Google-provided devices, including computers and smartphones. Google stated that they have historically not allowed employees to use unapproved apps for work that are outside of Google’s corporate network. The company informed its employees that Zoom will no longer run

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23 Mar 2020

The Latest: South Africa infections grow by 402 overnight

COVID-19 has now infected 402 South Africans, and the country now has the most cases in Africa after a spike of 128 cases in one day occurred. The South African President is expected to address the nation and impose new restrictive measures, attempting to combat the spread of the virus.

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13 Jan 2020

Voters in Taiwan go to the polls amid fears of Beijing’s influence and fake news

Taiwan prepared for elections this past Saturday amid tense relations with Beijing, which has been accused of trying to distort results in its favor. This year’s election has been dominated by Taiwan’s relationship with Beijing. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen is leading the polls and is expected to claim victory after

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10 Jan 2020

China Steps Up Its Information War in Taiwan

A forthcoming Brookings report details the extensive “information influence operation” the Chinese government has undertaken to influence Taiwan’s coming general election (January 11), amongst other media manipulation operations. The report contends that the People’s Republic seeks to influence “every stage of the global information supply chain,” from content producing to

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02 Jan 2020

Taiwan military chief among 8 people killed in Black Hawk helicopter crash

Taiwan’s top military official was among eight casualties after a Black Hawk helicopter crashed early on Thursday. The helicopter was headed to visit troops when it lost contact and disappeared from radars near New Taipei City, crashing in the mountains. General Shen Yi-Ming, Taiwan’s military chief of general staff, was

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02 Dec 2019

In face of China threat, Taiwan to invite U.S. experts to bolster defenses

Amid the Hong Kong protests, Taiwan plans to get advice from US military experts on improving the defense capabilities of Taiwan. Taiwan views China as a growing threat to their sovereignty, as democratic Taiwan is already claimed by China as a territory. However, Taiwan’s current military strength pales in comparison

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15 Jul 2019

China says will freeze out US companies that sell arms to Taiwan

In the wake of a $2.2 billion arms deal between the United States and Taiwan, China has vowed to stop doing business with US companies that sell weapons to the autonomous island that Beijing still considers to be part of it’s sovereign territory. In a Monday statement, a spokesman of

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06 Jun 2019

China concern after Taiwan confirms US arms purchase request

In the midst of an ongoing US-China trade war, Taiwan on Thursday confirmed that it has requested to purchase over $2 billion worth of tanks, anti-armour missiles, anti-tank missiles and man-portable air defence systems from the United States. The announcement followed reports suggesting that the US may soon approve the

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27 May 2019

China bridles at rare meeting between Taiwan and U.S. security officials

The top national security officials of the United States and Taiwan met earlier this month. The meeting between US national security adviser John Bolton and Taiwan’s national security chief David Lee was the first occasion of this kind since 1979, the year when the US formally ended diplomatic relations with

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16 Apr 2019

Taiwan ‘threatened’ but not intimidated by China military drills

On Monday China carried out what it described as routine yet “necessary drills” around Taiwan involving warships and military aircraft. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on Tuesday said that the military manoeuvres “threaten Taiwan and other-like minded countries in the region,” but emphasized that Taiwan’s military has “the capacity, determination, and

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