15 Jul 2019

China says will freeze out US companies that sell arms to Taiwan

In the wake of a $2.2 billion arms deal between the United States and Taiwan, China has vowed to stop doing business with US companies that sell weapons to the autonomous island that Beijing still considers to be part of it’s sovereign territory. In a Monday statement, a spokesman of

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06 Jun 2019

China concern after Taiwan confirms US arms purchase request

In the midst of an ongoing US-China trade war, Taiwan on Thursday confirmed that it has requested to purchase over $2 billion worth of tanks, anti-armour missiles, anti-tank missiles and man-portable air defence systems from the United States. The announcement followed reports suggesting that the US may soon approve the

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27 May 2019

China bridles at rare meeting between Taiwan and U.S. security officials

The top national security officials of the United States and Taiwan met earlier this month. The meeting between US national security adviser John Bolton and Taiwan’s national security chief David Lee was the first occasion of this kind since 1979, the year when the US formally ended diplomatic relations with

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16 Apr 2019

Taiwan ‘threatened’ but not intimidated by China military drills

On Monday China carried out what it described as routine yet “necessary drills” around Taiwan involving warships and military aircraft. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on Tuesday said that the military manoeuvres “threaten Taiwan and other-like minded countries in the region,” but emphasized that Taiwan’s military has “the capacity, determination, and

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01 Apr 2019

Taiwan scrambles jets to confront Chinese fighters after rare incursion

On Sunday, two Chinese jet fighters crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait that separates Taiwan from China in what some analysts describe as an intentional move by Beijing to push back against US maritime activity in the region and its support for Taiwan. A day earlier, various Chinese

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20 Feb 2019

Facing an aggressive Beijing, Taiwan’s president issues a warning to the world

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has told CNN that her country is “faced with growing threats” from China, adding that that the main challenge is “whether our independent existence, security, prosperity and democracy can be maintained.” Tsai also warned other regional states to fear the rise of China: “If it’s Taiwan today, people

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19 Feb 2019

Google Earth accidentally reveals secret military sites

Google has accidentally revealed the locations of various secret Taiwanese military sites through an update of its 3D satellite imagery platform Google Earth. The update includes new 3D depictions of the Taiwanese cities Taipei and Taichung and the special municipalities New Taipei and Taoyuan. This allows users to see various Taiwanese military sites, including

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04 Jan 2019

Taiwan boosting cyberwar readiness to ‘strike back’

Taiwan is investing in cyberwar talent and capabilities amidst escalating tensions with mainland China. With its ministry of defense allocating several millions to universities and institutes for the developing of defense and asymmetric cyber-warfare capabilities, employees are being incentivized with salaries more than double the country’s average. Taiwan has accused

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20 Dec 2018

South China Sea and Taiwan among flashpoints for armed conflict in 2019, survey warns US policymakers

The South China Sea and Taiwan have made Council of Foreign Relations’ Centre for Preventative Action list of hotspots for potential armed conflict in 2019. While the issue of the South China Sea has been on the list before, it marks the first time that Taiwan has been included. North

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26 Nov 2018

Taiwan election: China is big winner as Tsai Ing-wen’s DPP party loses

China has been named as the winner in Taiwan’s recent local elections where the ruling Democratic Progressive Party lost to the opposition party that typically favors closer economic ties with mainland China. Tensions have escalated and calmed over various issues in the past years, and the ruling party had been

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