06 Oct 2022

Taiwan will treat Chinese military flights into its airspace as ‘first strike,’ defense minister says

Taiwan is seeking to step-up its defenses in response to Beijing’s military pressure. On Wednesday, Taiwan’s Defense Minister stated that Chinese fighter jets or drones that intrude into Taiwan’s airspace will be considered a “first strike.” Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-Cheng was addressing lawmakers on the threats posed by China’s escalatory

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29 Sep 2022

Ukraine and Taiwan build ties, defying pressure from China

Last month, a cross parliamentary caucus was created in the Ukrainian parliament to promote economic and cultural cooperation with Taiwan. The head of the Ukrainian Parliament’s foreign policy committee had praised Taiwan’s immediate support of Ukraine when the Russian invasion began. The vow to create new ties comes as China

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31 Aug 2022

Taiwan fires live rounds at drones near outlying islands

For the first time, Taiwan has fired warning shots towards drones that have flown over its outlying islands. Taiwan’s defense ministry said that three drones were seen flying back towards the Chinese mainland after the warning shots were fired. ​ Taipei has been complaining in recent weeks of Chinese drones

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18 Aug 2022

US and Taiwan agree to start talks on a trade and investment pact

According to statements released by Washington and Taipei, the United States and Taiwan have agreed to launch negotiations on a new investment and trade pact. The US-Taiwan Initiative of the 21st Century Trade was unveiled in June after US President Joe Biden excluded Taiwan from the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework.  The

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10 Aug 2022

China says Taiwan military drills are over after Pelosi visit

China has announced that a week of military drills that occurred around Taiwan are finished following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the self-governing island. China’s military announced that the sea and air operations were successful. These groups have vowed to keep patrolling the Taiwan Strait, threatening Taiwan’s sense of autonomy. Nancy

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05 Aug 2022

China sanctions US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after Taiwan trip

China has announced unspecified sanction upon Nancy Pelosi and her immediate family following her visit to the island of Taiwan this week. The Chinese government said Pelosi ignored China’s concerns and opposition to her visit. China claims Taiwan as its own territory and does not support it having individual engagements

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05 Aug 2022

Joseph Wu defends US Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Taiwan’s foreign minister has defended US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Joseph Wu condemned the military exercises that China began in response to the visit on Thursday. He emphasized that China’s response would not stop other democratic politicians from being invited to Taipei. Mr Wu warned

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04 Aug 2022

China fires missiles near Taiwan in live-fire drills as PLA encircles island

Multiple missiles were fired towards waters near northeastern and southwestern Taiwan on Thursday by China. Beijing is making good on its promise that Taipei will pay a price after hosting US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Eastern Theater Command from the Chinese military said all missiles hit their target accurately.

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03 Aug 2022

DDoS Attacks Pepper Taiwanese Government Sites

According to the foreign ministry of Taiwan, the websites of the ministry and presidential office were hit by multiple distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, resulting in intermittent outages across several government websites. The attacks occurred after the arrival of senior US lawmaker Nancy Pelosi. The visit has angered Beijing,

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31 May 2022

China sends 30 warplanes into Taiwan air defense zone

Taiwan deployed fighters jets to warn off 30 Chinese warplanes from its air defense zone on Monday. This was the biggest incursion by China in Taiwan’s air defense zone since January. The incident occurred only days after US President Joe Biden warned China against invading Taiwan. On Monday, a US

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