28 Aug 2018

Iran and Syria sign deal for military cooperation

Iran and Syria have signed a military cooperation deal in a recent meeting between the two country’s defense ministers. Neither country has provided details about the deal, but the Iranian regime has remained a staunch supporter throughout the war in Syria and it is likely that the deal further deepens

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27 Aug 2018

Iran says ‘no third party’ will limit its support to Syria

“Iran’s defense minister said Sunday his country will continue its support of the Syrian government to ensure improved security in the region, adding that the nature of the two countries cooperation won’t be decided by a ‘third party.’ Israel has expressed concern over Iran’s growing influence in Syria, accusing Iran

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14 Aug 2018

′Islamic State′: Up to 30,000 fighters still in Syria and Iraq, UN says

A UN report indicates that up to 30,000 Islamic State fighters remain in Syria and Iraq, posing a significant long-term threat even as territory previously seized by the group has been retaken.  Source: ′Islamic State′: Up to 30,000 fighters still in Syria and Iraq, UN says | Middle East| News

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31 Jul 2018

Syrian Kurds may team up with Assad against Turkey

Syrian Kurds have offered to assist the Syrian regime in their fight against one of the last remaining jihadi militant groups in exchange for Syrian support in retaking the nearby Kurdish area of Afrin from Turkish forces. Assad has previously announced that he is not opposed to working with the

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31 Jul 2018

Russian jamming poses a growing threat to U.S. troops in Syria

Advanced Russian jamming of electronic signals in Syria has been a challenge for a growing number of troops deployed there, but has also provided the U.S. military a dynamic training ground for countering Russian technology on the battlefield. Soldiers and technology experts alike have affirmed that this kind of electronic

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26 Jul 2018

Islamic State kills 215 in southwest Syria attacks

In the group’s deadliest attack in years, Islamic State fighters killed over 200 people in a government-held part of southwestern Syria on Wednesday. The assault coordinated several suicide attacks with swarms of militants across a number of villages in the area. Government forces responded and killed 75 IS fighters. Highlighting

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25 Jul 2018

Israel shoots down Syrian fighter jet that it says entered airspace

Israel announced that it deployed two Patriot missiles and shot down a Syrian fighter jet that allegedly passed more than 2 km inside Israeli airspace. The last time Israel shot down a Syrian fighter occurred in 2014, although similar incidents have occurred more recently with drones. Syrian forces, with support

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19 Jul 2018

Iran has no intention to leave Syria, top official says

The senior advisor to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameinei announced that Iran has no intention of leaving Syria, in spite of heavy American and Israeli pressure to do so. Russia has affirmed that it is not realistic to expect Iran to conduct a complete withdrawal from the country, in stark opposition

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12 Jul 2018

Veterans urge Kremlin to legalize private military companies

Russian veterans are urging the Kremlin to legalize private military companies. Under current restrictions, mercenaries/contractors fighting in Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere are not eligible for government-sponsored support options. Veterans’ organizations state that Russian fighters are currently providing private military services in the Central African Republic, Sudan, Yemen, and Libya. These

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07 Jun 2018

ISIS attacks Syrian regime in East, kills 45

Small pockets of eastern Syria remain under ISIS control and fighting remains heavy. A recent attack killed 45 pro-regime fighters, showing the group’s continued resiliency and ability to inflict losses.  Source: Daesh kills 45 pro-regime fighters in east Syria assault — monitor | Jordan Times

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