03 Jan 2022

This Dubai restaurant is using tech to stop seafood fraud

After studies showed that a decrease in fish quality was on the rise, one restaurant in Dubai has capitalized on technology that helps their customers learn the provenance of their seafood while they dine. A 2019 study conducted by Oceana found that lower-value fish was often served in place of

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12 Oct 2021

Supply Chain Resiliency Critical to Exponential Quantum Computing Innovation and Climate Change Response

The recently released documentary – Quantum Technology: Our Sustainable Future – is arguably one of the best thirty minutes you will spend pondering the future of technology and the challenges of climate change at the same time.

We discovered the film while grappling with the idea of technological innovation grinding to a halt in the U.S. – over the course of the next decade – due to a prolonged, severe shortage in the availability of advanced semiconductors.

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