30 Apr 2019

‘Am I being watched?’ Survey Reveals Security Concerns

A new report by ASecureLife sheds light on the security and privacy concerns of US citizens. The survey found that almost two in three (65%) Americans are worried that the government is monitoring them online, and about one in two respondents feel this way about businesses. One-fourth of Americans aren’t

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25 Apr 2019

NSA reportedly recommends retiring phone surveillance program

In a surprising turn of events, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has advised the Trump administration to abolish its controversial surveillance program for domestic calls and text messages. The program was established in 2001 under the Patriot Act to collect metadata on electric communications that could in theory make

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24 Apr 2019

Made in China, Exported to the World: The Surveillance State

Under President Xi Jinping, China has become the prototypical modern surveillance state. In addition to spying on its own citizens, the Chinese government is exporting its model of state surveillance across the globe. According to research by Freedom House, surveillance systems developed in China are currently being used by 18

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24 Apr 2019

Academics hide humans from surveillance cameras with 2D prints

Surveillance systems that use machine learning (ML) algorithms to identify people and objects are becoming increasingly widespread across the glober. However, new research by a group of Belgium academics highlights the significant shortcomings that still affect these systems, as the researchers were able to avoid detection by surveillance algorithms simply

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05 Apr 2019

By spying on Huawei, U.S. found evidence against the Chinese firm

US prosecutors on Thursday stated that surveillance operations carried out under the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) have provided US authorities with evidence of wrongdoings by Huawei. The evidence will be used in a case that accuses the Chinese tech giant of violating US sanctions on Iran as well

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26 Mar 2019

How the “Great Firewall” extends beyond China

When people read about Internet censorship in China, they rarely consider that practices of censorship and surveillance by tech companies operating in that country may have significant consequences for the privacy and freedom of expression of Internet users in other countries, including the United States. However, James Griffiths, author of

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18 Mar 2019

China: High-Tech Surveillance Leads To 13,000 ‘Terrorist’ Arrests in Xinjiang

The Chinese government on Monday released a report in which it claims to have arrested 13,000 ‘terrorists’ in the Xinjiang province in the last five years. Various international organizations and foreign governments have accused Beijing of gross human rights violations in its treatment of the mostly Muslim Uyghur minority in

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02 Nov 2018

China Is Exporting Its Digital Surveillance Methods to African Governments

A democracy watchdog group Freedom House has published a report indicating that China is exporting its internet policy and surveillance methods and tools to emerging market countries, essentially exporting a “digital authoritarianism” that could pose an existential threat to weak democratic governance around the world. The report suggests that countries

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09 Oct 2018

Can this AI find a terrorist in a surveillance video?

American video analytics firm IronYun recently pitched AI software that can screen live feeds simultaneously (or historical video data) and make it searchable for items and people in the videos. For example, analysts could search for a suspect that was wearing a black shirt, white shoes, and carrying a brown

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27 Jul 2018

Marco Rubio: Google, other US companies are aiding Chinese surveillance

During a congressional hearing on China’s repression of Muslim ethnic minorities, Senator Marco Rubio accused Google and other American companies of providing important services in China that are used as part of the Communist Party’s “efforts to build the world’s most advanced police state.” He further stated that “It is

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